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Diet Starts Tomorrow


Diet Starts Tomorrow - Digital Marketing


CEEK worked closely with Diet Starts Tomorrow to launch their brand in 2018 as a new brand it was important to have a strong web presence across all forms of digital media. This project consisted of:

  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Paid Targeting

CEEK undertook the project of developing a new website for Diet Starts Tomorrow. Working with a strict brand guidelines it was important to offer functionality while also keeping the aesthetic of the company.

As Shopify partners we developed this website through their platform which has let us develop them an attractive and functional website with functionality to take individual orders alongside monthly subscriptions. This website will also act as a stock keeping system for them going forward while giving customers a secure payment gateway to purchase their products.

Social Media marketing was a primary focus on this project. As a brand new company it was important to grow the Social Media presence in a positive and effective way without compromising the brand and their identity. Maintaining a theme with effective posting and engagement with relevant people has lead this account to grow extremely fast organically.

Use of competition marketing and an Influencer marketing plan has lead to this account having high customer engagement which has not faded away as the account has grown by thousands each month.

Influencer Marketing has been a big part in the successful launch of Diet Starts Tomorrows online brand & presence. Working closely with Social Media influencers especially youtuber’s has helped the brand grow across its social media channels.

Leveraging the captive audience of the influencers following CEEK’s Infuencer Relationship Managers have been able to maximise the impact of all campaigns and the reach of influencer produced content.

As a start-up Diet Starts Tomorrow had a fresh slate to work with when it came to brand and content. CEEK worked closely with graphic designers to establish the brand image going forward in a way we believe is both eye catching and a good representation of the brand and their values.

Alongside graphic design we have conducted a number of photo and video content production days. The importance of high quality content and imagery for this brand has been very important and this professional imagery reflects that.

CEEK has planned and executed a number of different Paid Targeting or PPC campaigns on behalf of Diet Starts Tomorrow all with different objectives and goals in mind.

The use of paid social media posts has aided in the growth of their social media accounts while not undermining their overall engagement which was important for the brand and their loyal and engaged following.

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