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Deliciously Ella

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    Deliciously Ella

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Deliciously Ella with her cereal in a bowl

CEEK’s Impact

  • Position 1-3 Organic Keywords


  • “Vanilla Overnight Oats” Ranking Position

Deliciously Ella

Getting To Know The Brand

Deliciously Ella is a renowned creator-founded, plant-based recipe platform that has gained widespread awareness for its innovative approach to healthy living and cooking.

Founded by Ella in 2012, the company has evolved from a personal blog into a multifaceted wellness brand with a global following. At its core, Deliciously Ella is committed to promoting nutritious, plant-based eating without compromising on taste or enjoyment. The brand offers a diverse range of recipes, cooking guides, and wellness insights, catering to individuals seeking to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Since launch, Deliciously Ella have expanded into selling ecommerce products and are now stocked in some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK.

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The Project


Selected by the team at Deliciously Ella, CEEK was tasked with spearheading the company’s digital growth strategy as they embarked on their next phase of development.


CEEK played a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless migration to the newly designed website.

With a keen focus on preserving existing SEO value, our team worked to ensure a smooth transition period whilst also laying the groundwork for a robust and forward-looking SEO strategy.

The emphasis was not only on preserving current rankings but also on positioning the brand for continual digital discovery.

CEEK also worked alongside the internal team at Deliciously Ella to create a robust CRM system via email marketing by creating targeted campaigns and automated email sequences to engage both potential and existing customers effectively.

Through advanced email marketing strategies, CEEK ensured that communications were tailored, timely, and resonant with the audience, driving increased brand interaction and loyalty.


We achieved multiple top three rankings for a variety of focused keywords for the Deliciously Ella brand, while building and developing a strong, retained email list.


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