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Bespoke SEO Audit Service

Our SEO audit service is part of CEEK’s unfair advantage within the SEO industry.

Using advanced techniques and adopting an innovative approach to auditing, the CEEK SEO team performs a bespoke, detailed examination into all aspects of your business.

From technical analysis of your website to looking at how your brand is perceived organically, we ensure every crucial component is included to ensure you get true value from your SEO audit.

The audit allows us to uncover valuable information about a business’s SEO performance, opportunities and issues. It’s the foundation of any SEO strategy and a major reason why we can deliver unparalleled results to our clients who use our SEO services.

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What Your SEO Audit Includes

Whether you realise it or not, every single thing you add to a page is sending a direct signal to search engines like Google. A small mistake can confuse search engines and lead to vital ranking issues. We take a fine tooth-comb approach to analysing your pages and ensuring that search engines reward them properly.

Our team has vast technical experience from working on some of the most complicated SEO and migration projects. Our work will uncover every technical issue and create a development stack list based on priority and impact.

Digital PR is extremely important for any successful website. We will analyse the number of links pointing to your website while dissecting the quality, looking at how impactful they are for your brand’s authority.

EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust) is Google’s framework for evaluating the credentials of a business and the people associated with it. Our bespoke audit will appraise your brand’s EEAT to determine areas to improve and how you currently stand in your industry.

SEO is a zero sum game and there is only one spot at the top of page one. We take apart every aspect of what your competitors are doing, figure out why they are succeeding and where their weaknesses lie. 

Content quality has become increasingly-important with the rise of AI-generated content. Our bespoke content audit will analyse the quality and trust signals of your content to find opportunities to develop as a brand.

Once the audit is complete, we will put together our findings and recommendations in a clear, actionable list, ready for the execution phase. At this point, most clients funnel into our retained SEO service to create a detailed strategy and begin the execution of the work.

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Our bespoke SEO auditing service will provide you with the tools to elevate your organic presence on various platforms. Book in a free call to align on business goals and discuss how CEEK can scale your brand’s growth organically.

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The CEEK SEO Auditing Process
Commercial Alignment Call

The audit begins with a comprehensive alignment call. It’s your opportunity to tell us about your brand and business goals to supply us with an understanding of what we can do to maximise your ROI.

Audit Selection Call

After the alignment call, we begin to dive into the current level of your business and determine what level of audit you will require that aligns with your overall goals. We then present the audit plan on a call with you.

Audit Execution

This is where the magic happens. We use all the information we’ve gathered to perform an in depth, comprehensive audit.

Audit Delivery

With the full audit in hand, we present our findings to you with actionable recommendations based on priority.

The Next Steps

From there, we can talk about the next steps for your business. Most opt for the CEEK SEO team to conduct the execution of the audit as part of our retained service.

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Let’s Work Together

The CEEK team are currently open and available to conduct a detailed SEO audit of your website and business. Get in touch today to set up the initial alignment call.

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SEO Audit FAQs

Depending on the size of the project, our audit turnaround can range from 7-30 days. If you want more clarity for your project, get in touch for a bespoke estimate.

We recommend that you audit your site once every 3-6 months. This allows you to continually assess the health of your website as well as understand how your performance is aligning with your business goals. At CEEK, our SEO clients get quarterly audits included as part of our service.

CEEK brings a level of sophistication and industry expertise that you won’t find with other agencies. We are not just SEO experts, we understand how to grow businesses and every decision we make is built around increasing your revenue.

Short answer – yes! The CEEK SEO audit can help uncover issues you didn’t know were holding your business back and has regularly seen our clients dramatically increase website traffic and organic sales.

An SEO audit is a great idea if you want to understand the overall health of your website. But you may also want an audit if you’ve seen issues like a dramatic change in website traffic, loss of organic sales or even a site migration project.