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CEEK have worked with multiple home and design businesses, improving the strength of their digital profiles. CEEK is the best option for those looking for a home and design marketing agency to increase brand awareness and scale ROI.

Home & Design Marketing Agency


In the ever-evolving home and design industry, carving a digital niche amidst competitors is essential. At CEEK, our team is committed to transforming your brand concepts into a robust digital marketing strategy that propels your brand to the forefront of the competitive landscape. 

Having collaborated with numerous clients in the home and design sector, our client portfolio spans a diverse spectrum, from Real Estate ventures to Interior Design and cutting-edge home products, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with outstanding brands in order to amplify their digital presence to new heights and new audiences.

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Case Studies

Home & Design Marketing Services

Using an effective social media strategy with the correct execution can elevate the presence of a home and design business within weeks. The nature of social media is frequently changing, which is why the CEEK team remain dedicated to staying ahead of the curve through algorithm testing and experience gained from multiple home and design clients.

Social Media

We have worked with multiple home and design businesses to improve organic visibility in competitive fields. Whether the aim is to rank nationally in a competitive ecommerce market, or you want to dominate your local area, the CEEK SEO team has the experience and versatility to conquer the search market.


Paid media is an effective strategy to see ROI on your campaign fast, which can be extremely beneficial for home and design companies. It also allows you to accumulate data that can feed into your overall strategy as a business. You also get valuable competitor data from other home and design brands, which can be used to push above the competition and dominate the paid market.

Paid Media

Content is important for every business and the home and design industry is no different. The consistent, quality publication of content across your brand’s assets is necessary to build out relevant signals across different platforms. At CEEK, we ensure all of the content produced is making an impact for your business.

Content Creation

Influencer marketing, when executed correctly, is a powerful channel for home and design businesses. It generates greater brand recognition and allows you to market your business in the way you want to. At CEEK, we work with a range of influencer talent to ensure the person working with your business matches what the brand is pushing.

Influencer Marketing

Creating a list of engaged users via email can be an excellent source of growth for home and design businesses. It allows for re-marketing, raised awareness and, ultimately, more revenue generated.

Email Marketing

Using digital PR to fuel your home and design marketing campaign can be an effective strategy when utilised correctly. These campaigns will provide brand exposure and increase the authority of your website overtime, which is an extremely important facet to building your business and competing with the rest.

Digital PR

Every home and design business needs a marketing strategy. Without an effective strategy to execute, your business goals will be misaligned and efforts will be wasted. At CEEK, we ensure our marketing strategy creation is comprehensive and structured, ready to funnel into the execution phase of our team.

Marketing Strategy

Who We Work With

CEEK partners with a diverse range of brands across varying sectors, including multiple home and design businesses. Our proprietary OCMX methodology allows CEEK to develop bespoke strategies for brands in the home and design market, utilising best-in-class execution to maximise results.

Interior Design Marketing

A recent study revealed that the global market size of the interior design industry is expected to reach $202.4 billion by 2027.

  • Billion ($)


If you’re a business in the home and design market looking to scale your digital marketing efforts, get in touch with us at CEEK today to align on business goals, values and how we can elevate your ROI.

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