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CEEK is the leading SEO Agency in London. Bringing the unfair advantage to a roster of incredible clients, our passionate search team dominate through their pioneering approach, servicing a global client base.

SEO Agency In London

SEO Consultancy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is at the heart of our agency, with deep expertise of Google and other major search engines. We have a clear edge in SEO, demonstrated by our continued results through an ever-changing search algorithm. Every SEO campaign is tailored towards generating revenue for our clients and improving the authority of their brands.


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We Work With The Best

Our SEO clientele ranges from dynamic startups to established global brands. We appreciate the unique SEO challenges each business faces and our bespoke solutions are tailored accordingly.

CEEK’s profound understanding of the SEO landscape breeds strategies that drive organic traffic, increase engagement and, most importantly, elevate your brand’s online revenue.

Why SEO is unique at CEEK

When onboarding new clients, we regularly have feedback that we are the first London SEO agency that truly understands the commercial landscape that their business operates in.

Our quest for understanding the core goals for a business, married with expert SEO knowledge utilising our action-first approach, sees the CEEK client base at the top of search results across various sectors, no matter how competitive.

True SEO domination comes from a wide range of skills. Our search team, based at our London office in Soho, have the unique ability to leverage networks outside of traditional search to assist in reaching the top result for key terms that are essential for your business.

At CEEK, we integrate SEO across all of our marketing channels to maximise your results.

Various individuals across our SEO team in London, with an array of skills, contribute to an omnichannel group that work together to ensure growth across our SEO clients.

Exceptional technical knowledge coupled with unrivalled curiosity and testing empowers our team to take the success of clients personally.

One of the beautiful things about SEO is that full market data is available – if you know where to look. This data includes competitor activity and the effects that the Google algorithm has on all businesses within your sector.

The magic comes from our data-empowered teams, who inherit the ability to predict outcomes prior to the rest of the competitive landscape by seeing the movements in the platforms they subscribe to.

By this point our clients are already ahead and competitors are trying to catch up. Our proprietary Search Intelligence ensures we leverage existing client insights and wider market data in real time.

Let’s Work Together

CEEK provides high-quality SEO services from our London office for a range of clients in varying industries. Get in touch with us today to see how we can elevate your brand’s revenue organically.


SEO Specialists

Unique Approach To Search

More than an SEO agency in London, CEEK has an aggressive and unique approach to search with in-house digital PR, technical SEO and content marketing specialists. We also deploy an immense focus on Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust (EEAT) to elevate your brand’s recognition on search engines.

On Page + Content

Our content strategies and on-page optimisations are powered by detailed keyword research and user analysis. Our in-house team creates engaging content using our bespoke OptiScript™ model that resonates with your audience and drives search engine dominance.

Technical SEO

The CEEK SEO team in London has decades of experience working on extremely complex websites; our aim is to create an environment where your site is optimised for crawlability and indexability, powered to rank high on search engines and deliver the results you want.


When it comes to developing a brand online, it is crucial to factor in Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trust (EEAT). The overwhelming presence of AI and incorrect brand profiling makes EEAT a laser-focused approach we incorporate into our SEO strategy.

Digital PR

Relationships are formed over time, as is the ability to leverage them masterfully on behalf of clients. Our unrivalled database of global connections makes our digital PR campaigns topically relevant and extremely high quality, generating impactful links to your website and developing your authority.

SEO Offices In London

The CEEK SEO team in London is dedicated to delivering results across our clientele.

CEEK’s London office is located in the heart of Soho, just a two minute walk from Tottenham Court Road station.

With our omnichannel approach, most clients are working across multiple marketing channels on their digital campaigns, making our in-person office space crucial for collaboration across departments.

Specialist SEO Teams

Ecommerce SEO is at the heart of CEEK from our office space in London. We have numerous case studies to showcase our successful migrations, increased revenue and search-led results across a variety of sectors for different clients.

Ecommerce SEO is a specialist skillset. As a Shopify Partner agency, we are frequently recommended to Shopify customers as a best-in-class SEO resource for stores across the globe.

Competing locally for traffic to your website through organic listings such as Google Map Pack is a specialist area within the CEEK SEO team in London. We have developed a series of proprietary processes to ensure our clients have maximum local visibility. From optimising Google Business Profiles to our bespoke Cite Local process, we remain at the forefront of local search marketing.

Multi-territory websites come with a unique set of challenges beyond optimising in local languages. Our London SEO team have over seven years of international SEO experience and are currently leading the international expansion of multiple clients across various countries.

As a Shopify Partner, we are market leaders in Shopify SEO and have a proven track record growing the stores of clients in various sectors and territories. Shopify is now the leading ecommerce platform in the industry, which is why we have dedicated processes and marketing strategies tailored for your Shopify SEO performance.

The CEEK SEO team in London has worked with over 100 WordPress CMS clients, which is by far the most dominant CMS in the industry. With the flexibility of the platform built for SEO integration, CEEK clients have seen exponential growth across their organic search campaigns for over seven years.

Data driven analysis informed by a deep understanding of the competitive landscape powers our London SEO strategy team – a team that we are extremely proud of.

From fast-paced start-ups to multi-national corporations, the CEEK SEO strategy team provides valuable consulting as a crucial function of our client’s online growth.

Every client has KPIs set early to maximise ROI for your campaign and ensure that there is a laser-focused approach to the work we do at CEEK that aligns with your brand.

The CEEK SEO Process

CEEK is passionate about our proprietary strategy process. This unique approach permeates into all of our core service offerings, including SEO.

Understanding your business and your goals in the short, medium and long term enables our London SEO team to provide valuable insight into return on investment, timelines and areas of opportunity for your business.

We initiate a comprehensive, 100-point technical SEO audit of your website using our bespoke crawling system.

This allows us to understand the entire structure of your site, identify technical issues and use our web development experience to dive deep into the code to analyse JavaScript dependencies, schema integration and more.

Data is at the heart of every SEO strategy, but no one integrates data analysis to inform decisions like CEEK.

We pride ourselves on our advanced data insights, providing you with organic information about your business you did not know existed.

We use data to fuel your SEO campaign and enhance results through internal data and detailed competitor analysis.

Using advanced tools, artificial intelligence and our deep industry expertise, we conduct granular keyword research, identifying not only high-volume, high-intent terms but also long-tail keywords and phrases that are the cornerstone of modern, effective SEO strategies.

We use a bespoke topical clustering model to improve your semantic positioning on search engines.

We meticulously optimise every on-page element of your site to strengthen your PageRank.

The elaborate CEEK process for on-page analysis and optimisation has generated multiple businesses excellent revenue increases alongside other elements of our SEO strategy.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing; you have to adapt or sink.

At our offices in London, the SEO team are constantly running tests to see what changes we can make to take advantage before our competitors.

We build a data-driven content strategy that resonates with both your audience and search engines.

Our bespoke CEEK OptiScript model allows us to create new and update existing content by utilising natural language processing.

Our content strategy allows you to build nodes of topical clusters, making your brand an authority for search engines.

At CEEK, we have created a bespoke internal linking dashboard to make connecting pages on your website simple and effective.

The power of internal linking is one of the most underappreciated aspects of SEO; every campaign should optimise the connection between pages to boost organic performance.

Every successful SEO campaign requires backlinks. The CEEK method of digital PR allows your brand to stack entities by building up a strong, relevant network of domains linking to your site.

Using our link intersect tool, we are able to compare your site with competitors and find opportunities to capitalise.

Transparent and comprehensive, our custom reports provide you with clear insights into your SEO performance, helping you make data-driven decisions.

Everything included in our SEO reports have intention and purpose to the business, focusing on what is making a difference to your ROI.

What CEEK Clients Think

  • “We were looking for a social media agency to help grow our sales across two showrooms for our stone flooring business. We have been working with CEEK for over a year now on our social media strategy, SEO and our PPC. We would highly recommend the CEEK team for any marketing services and have seen our sales grow from social media by over 300%.”

    Isabel Fernandez

    Marketing Manager at Quorn Stone

    “The CEEK team are nothing short of professional from start to finish. They fully educated me and my team on the full process. They really demonstrated their skills in all things social media and are certainly our go to company for all things digital.”

    Charlie Gilbert

    Founder of CNSTRCT

  • “We really enjoy working with CEEK. They have an extremely professional and friendly team. They pro-actively respond to events, and have certainly delivered on their promises. We would highly recommend them.”

    Brian Clivaz

    Owner of L’Escargot

    “Working with the CEEK team has been an enriching experience, providing me with valuable insights, and your assistance and suggestions have played a crucial role in the development of our brand.”


    Owner of Gosesummer

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SEO is a complex yet simple marketing channel. You get out what you put in. There is no set time frame as each client is at a different level when onboarding. The first thing you should do is get in touch with us to analyse your business goals, budget and competition and we can then provide an estimation for the timeline.

At CEEK, we set KPIs with every client to ensure everyone is aligned on what success looks like in the short and long term. Our bespoke reporting and tracking allows us to tangibly see the differences our SEO campaign is making as we push towards the targets set.

There are thousands of algorithmic updates every year to Search Engines. At CEEK, we take a proactive approach and remain ahead of the competition through algorithmic testing and analysis on a monthly basis. We are always aligned on what is required to achieve results in SEO.

Yes! At CEEK, we have different SEO auditing packages available that go deeper than just the generic SEO audits you will find. Dependant on your package, we analyse UX, data, competitors, EEAT, link profiling, technical, site speed and more.

Simple answer – yes! We have worked with a diverse range of international clients throughout the years, making us the perfect fit for your international SEO campaign.

No. EEAT, otherwise known as Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust is not a direct ranking factor. However, EEAT is multifaceted and is incorporated, in detail, to every SEO strategy at CEEK. It is vital you showcase your brand in the correct way.