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CEEK is different. Our trademarked OCMX methodology empowers our consultants & teams to futher the void between traditional digital marketing agencies & the in-house specialist teams at CEEK.

Omni-Channel Marketing Execution (OCMX) leaves no stone unturned, typical marketing strategy is build on assumptions & guesswork that do not exist in our data & ROI lead campaigns.

CEEK engages with consumers on behalf of clients on the perfect channel, at the perfect time with the perfect content. OCMX drives lower cost per acquisition whilst amplifying exposure.

Maximising customer generated, influencer & curated content is at the heart of our OCMX methodology.



Omni-Channel Marketing Execution

OCMX enables CEEK Marketing Specialists to interact with customers online at the perfect time through the perfect channel.

OCMX methodology is utilised in every CEEK campaign. Each business & project is unique however OCMX leaves no stone unturned; identifying potential customers via the optimum channels, timings & content.

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