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Omni-Channel Marketing Execution


CEEK is different. Our trademarked OCMX™ methodology empowers our consultants & teams to further the void between traditional digital marketing agencies & the in-house specialist teams at CEEK.

Omni-Channel Marketing Execution (OCMX) leaves no stone unturned, typical marketing strategy is build on assumptions & guesswork that do not exist in our data & ROI lead campaigns.

CEEK engages with consumers on behalf of clients on the perfect channel, at the perfect time with the perfect content. OCMX drives lower cost per acquisition whilst amplifying exposure.

Maximising customer generated, influencer & curated content is at the heart of our OCMX methodology.

OCMX enables CEEK Marketing specialists to interact with customers online at the perfect time through the perfect channel.

OCMX methodology is utilised in every CEEK campaign. Each business & project is unique however OCMX leaves no stone unturned; identifying potential customers via the optimum channels, timings & content.

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OCMX Services

Social media marketing is rife across our client portfolio, with effective campaigns across multiple industries.

Social Media

SEO is another marketing channel used across a range of OCMX clients.


If you are looking to see fast, impactful results for your business, adding paid media into your OCMX strategy is imperative.

Paid Media

Our bespoke database of influencer talent makes our influencer marketing service the best, no matter the location.

Influencer Marketing

Our email marketing execution will create a database that can be used to boost your revenue.

Email Marketing

Every OCMX client needs a bespoke marketing strategy before starting the execution phase.

Marketing Strategy

Most clients want to build a brand and scale their authority in competitive markets, which is where our digital PR service is extremely effective.

Digital PR

Most OCMX clients will utilise content creation on one of their marketing platforms; our team of content marketing experts deliver high-quality content, no matter the channel.

Content Creation

OCMX Benefits

Improve Engagement

Clients that benefit from our omnichannel marketing execution see increased engagement across all channels. In-direct benefits include ease of communication for different customer segments which all have different preferences for communication. OCMX allows clients to maintain control, whilst offering unparalleled choice & access.

Increase Revenue

Engaged customers spend more, which is why a full optimised omnichannel approach can accelerate revenue growth.

Engaged customers are also excellent brand advocates & are more likely to become promoters across their preferred channels.

Part of our OCMX methodology includes Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) nurturing advocates of your products & services.

Reduce Negative Outcomes

Omnichannel marketing helps to capture bad reviews before they hit certain platforms, such as Google, TripAdvisor or Facebook.

OCMX enables clients to reduce or eliminate the negative review process by allowing ease of communication between the business & the customer, typically dealing with issues in real time.

Amplify Quality Content

OCMX amplifies quality content output by cascading messaging across multiple channels at the correct timings for that specific platform or customer segment.

Delivering content in real time, throughout the entire customer journey typically reducing paid acquisition coats & providing actionable insights into your organic online community.

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