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Mogu Mogu

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    Mogu Mogu

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Mogu Mogu

Getting To Know The Brand

From the Japanese term meaning “to chew,” Mogu Mogu is a widely popular soft drink in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. With 17 unique flavours, this delicious combination of real fruit juice and chewy nata de coco quickly became a viral sensation upon its launch in the UK.

Mogu Mogu is sold on Shopify, TikTok Shop and stocked in some of the UK’s biggest shops such as Iceland, Aldi, Asda, and Sainsbury. Last year, Mogu Mogu sold a record-breaking 40 million bottles.

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The Project


As specialists in omnichannel marketing, CEEK was tasked with the UK launch of Mogu Mogu and building the brand’s digital presence from the ground up.

Quickly identifying Mogu Mogu’s niche in the overcrowded soft drink market was key to the brand’s success.


By closely monitoring trends, algorithms, and audience preferences, the CEEK team tailored their content creation to exponentially grow Mogu Mogu’s TikTok and Instagram accounts.

The CEEK team adapted viral content to Mogu Mogu’s fun and playful brand personality, gathering millions of impressions and meaningful interactions on Mogu Mogu’s social media channels. The CEEK team used these impressions to their advantage, launching a META re-marketing strategy with a 270% ROI.

By monitoring user-generated content (UGC), the CEEK team identified key content creators to serve as brand ambassadors and partners. These partnerships, timed with specific campaigns and flavour launches, exceeded investment through purchase conversions and brand awareness within new market segments.

Through strategic partnerships, the CEEK team gained 5.5 million views, 575k likes, and 17k followers in one week on TikTok alone surrounding the launch of Mogu Mogu’s Bubblegum and Cotton Candy flavour launch.

Mogu Mogu experienced an exceptionally strong Black Friday/Cyber Monday thanks to CEEK’s omnichannel marketing approach. Across influencer partnerships, email marketing, Instagram, TikTok, and ads, CEEK increased Mogu Mogu’s BFCM sales 250% from the previous year.

CEEK also utilised its extensive affiliate network of content creators and identified target segments predicted to be most receptive to ad campaigns, rounding out the BFCM with a 270% return on investment.


CEEK’s ability to understand the soft drink market and the Mogu Mogu audience turned the brand into a social media sensation seemingly overnight.

Within a year, Mogu Mogu’s Instagram account reached 13k followers and 97k posts under #MoguMogu. The brand’s TikTok accounts quickly blew up, reaching 104k followers, 2 million likes, and 445 million views under #MoguMogu.

In 2023, Mogu Mogu was the 3rd best-selling drink on TikTok after big-name competitors Prime and Lucozade.

Mogu Mogu’s Instagram and TikTok accounts continue to reach hundreds of thousands of accounts each month with similar levels of engagement compared to their big-name competitors.


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