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Sweat By BXR

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Sweat By BXR

Getting To Know The Brand

Sweat By BXR is the Pay-To-Train side of the BXR business, giving non-members access to the class-based training facilities that the luxury gym has to offer.

With Sweat By BXR, London-based fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a diverse range of classes tailored to various fitness levels and preferences, from boxing and HIIT to strength training and yoga, there is a class for everyone.

Sweat by BXR are famous for their Versa Climbing Classes, as one of the only London based fitness studios to offer the high-calorie burning workout. Combining elements of strength training and cardio, these classes deliver a full-body workout that guarantees a satisfying sweat session.

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The Project


CEEK was brought onboard by the BXR team to enhance the awareness of the Sweat offering, focusing on driving attention to its versatile fitness class options.

Since the collaboration began, CEEK has activated numerous campaigns aimed at launching new Sweat locations, introducing new classes, and promoting new class packs.

However, the primary focus has been on driving purchases of the intro-pack offering among new customers.


To achieve weekly KPIs, CEEK executed paid advertising campaigns aimed at boosting sales of the Intro-Packs, employing both awareness and re-marketing ad strategies to maximise reach and drive conversions.

By strategically targeting potential customers and retargeting those who had previously shown interest, CEEK ensured a comprehensive approach to sales.

CEEK also maintained a consistent presence on organic social media platforms, delivering engaging content to the existing Sweat audience.


This multifaceted approach allowed CEEK to effectively leverage both paid and organic channels to drive sales, increase brand visibility, and foster community engagement for Sweat By BXR. Week on week, CEEK continues to hit the sales targets.


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