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Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Online sales are nothing new to most consumers with the monumental rise in tech giants such as Amazon we are used to going online to purchase an items, this rise in digital spending has also fuelled the necessity for Ecommerce consultancy.

The benefits of ecommerce over traditional brick and mortar stores is the accessibility of an omni-channel sales approach where you can easily target potential customers across different platforms. Utilisation of paid targeting, SEO and social media marketing and their respective ecommerce applications can greatly increase your direct exposure and sales.

Running an effective digital marketing campaign can be full of challenges which can be an inefficient use of your time as an ecommerce business. The ability to leverage the experience and skills that CEEK consultants have will allow you to focus on your business growth while we generate the customer base.

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Ecommerce Marketing Services

We offer social media marketing for all ecommerce brands.

Social Media

SEO is a hugely-effective marketing campaign for ecommerce brands to utilise to scale growth and revenue.


Ecommerce brands can use paid media to see fast ROI and deliver on a national scale for key products.

Paid Media

The CEEK database of influencer talent gives us the ability to pick which influencers would match your ecommerce business to leverage brand awareness and drive revenue to your site.

Influencer Marketing

Email marketing for ecommerce businesses is crucial for re-targeting and capturing invaluable data.

Email Marketing

Every business needs a detailed marketing strategy and ecommerce businesses are no different.

Marketing Strategy

Want to increase brand awareness and the authority of your ecommerce website? Our CEEK digital PR service does exactly that.

Digital PR

No business can function without content creation – ecommerce brands are no different.

Content Creation

Ecommerce Case Studies

Ecommerce Digital Marketing

Shopify Development

Shopify is one of the most commonly used ecommerce platforms for a number of reasons but mainly due to the sheer usability and easy of integration for both developers and clients alike.

CEEK are shopify partners and do most of our Ecommerce integrations through this platform. Being able to track inventory, sales, customers and marketing metrics with through insights make this platform a strong consideration for ecommerce platforms ranging from SMEs to much larger online shops.

Some of the most well known brands who use shopify Ecommerce developments include GymShark, RedBull and Tesla.

Increase Conversions

Having a successful ecommerce business is reliant on increasing conversions for your shop and driving these sales up.

A number of factors go into an increase in sales and conversions which includes customer experience, trustability and of course the number of visitors on the site.

CEEK ecommerce consultants have experience across different areas of the digital marketing spectrum to deliver a strategy which will maximise your sales using all possible sales funnels and knowledge from previous experience.

Cross Platform Exposure

Modern ecommerce platforms offer many different sales channels which previously were not available.

The ability to utilise Google Shopping, Instagram click to purchase and Facebook buy button allows you to reach customers who might never go on your actual website.

Analytical Approach

CEEK Marketing’s web team take an analytical approach to their Ecommerce consultancy.

Using a diverse range of methods tracking customer behaviour is used in our decision making to maximise the conversion rates on your site.

Analysis of customer behaviour as they browse the site with methods such as heatmapping or funnel optimisation will lead to an effective strategic ecommerce plan.

Social Media Integration

The ability to seamlessly integrate social platforms with an ecommerce website has opened up a large and ever expanding sales channel through Instagram and Facebook.

The high amount of time the average consumer spends on social media allows your business to target a captive audience with the ability to buy your products through a quick and efficient means.

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