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CEEK is a versatile digital PR agency in London, focused on delivering exceptional campaigns to maximise results through high-quality links to your website.

CEEK’s deep knowledge of digital PR across multiple sectors ensures your campaign will yield powerful and impactful results, providing your brand with the decisive edge over your competition.

Digital PR Agency In London

Digital PR Consultancy

At our London office, CEEK’s strategic digital PR campaigns are executed across several target platforms to maximise ROI and generate coverage that you are proud of.

From detailed data analysis all the way through to execution, we operate both efficiently and effectively.

The bespoke CEEK database of network connections ensures our digital PR campaigns target the audience that is on brand with your business; every campaign is tailored to ensure each link placement is contextually relevant and contributes to the topical authority development of your website.

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We Work With The Best

We use digital PR campaigns across our diverse range of clientele. The CEEK London team has the privilege of working across multiple industries and our database of websites is rapidly growing to ensure we deliver results through bespoke digital PR campaigns.

Our clientele is as diverse as our marketing strategies. We have the privilege of working with London’s innovative start-ups and established global brands alike. Our deep understanding digital PR dynamics enables us to design customised campaigns that deliver tangible results, regardless of the industry or geographic location.

Digital PR Services

Our bespoke digital PR strategies are created to ensure we target links from relevant sources to maximise impact on your campaign.

If you are a local business, we have a unique approach to generate links from local, impactful websites to develop brand awareness and improve the authority of your website. This also targets optimisation of your Google Business Profile.

Our extensive database of high-quality websites allows us to create topically-relevant links to your focus product and collection pages to boost your authority and rank above your competitors through organic search.

When key moments occur in your industry, you have to capitalise within a short time frame to maximise ROI. The fast-paced CEEK team in London can create content while trend data is fresh to attract natural links from news outlets across the globe.

The CEEK ‘OptiScript’ model ensures that any content created is on brand and optimised to the highest level.

When working in tandem with a digital PR campaign, our unique, exceptional content is designed to make you the expert in your field to generate natural links and social media shares from various sources.

CEEK’s decades of experience in social media marketing allows our digital PR campaigns to explode among a generation that thrives on trend-based content.

We can also collaborate this with our influencer marketing service to maximise visibility, engagement and links to your website.

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CEEK provides high-quality digital PR services for a range of clients in varying industries. Get in touch with us today to see how we can increase your brand awareness through digital PR.


Digital PR Specialists

Unique Approach To Digital PR

From our London offices, CEEK’s approach to digital PR is strategic, data-driven, and customer-focused. Every campaign we execute will aim to deliver results at scale while maintaining your brand’s ethos.

Omnichannel Approach

The majority of our client base focus on the CEEK omnichannel approach to deliver results across multiple marketing channels. When it comes to digital PR, it’s important to branch out across different platforms to maximise ROI for your campaign and see tangible results.

Global Database

We work with brands globally, which has allowed CEEK to establish connections with multiple business owners across the world and create a database of high-quality, impactful websites to collaborate with. Our partnerships will generate you the opportunity of link placements on market-leading sites.

Execution & Evolution

We don’t just work on execution, we work on evolution. Every single digital PR campaign we launch is bespoke and data-powered; it’s then up to CEEK to provide further value and evolve past the initial execution phase to increase ROI even further.

Digital PR Offices In London

The CEEK digital PR team in London is dedicated to delivering results across our clientele.

CEEK’s London office is located in the heart of Soho, just a two minute walk from Tottenham Court Road station.

With our omnichannel approach, most clients are working across multiple marketing channels on their digital campaigns, making our in-person office space crucial for collaboration across departments.

The CEEK Digital PR Process

The digital PR process by starts by developing an understanding of your business, target audience and desired results.

The next step is to develop a clear and concise digital PR strategy based on the industry you operate in. This includes setting objectives and determining success using key performance indicators (KPIs).

Once the strategy outline is created, we select the digital PR service that will maximise ROI. This varies from client to client based on budget and the competitive landscape.

Our team of digital PR specialists then get to work with carrying out the execution phase of the campaign.

We use data analysis to drive digital PR campaigns to the next level once passed the execution phase. The CEEK London team will work in tandem with algorithmic changes and industry updates to alter campaigns where necessary to maximise ROI.

Our digital PR reports are both comprehensive and transparent. They provide you with clear and valuable insights into your campaign, showcasing performance based on the agreed upon KPIs at the start of the project.

What CEEK Clients Think

  • “We were looking for a social media agency to help grow our sales across two showrooms for our stone flooring business. We have been working with CEEK for over a year now on our social media strategy, SEO and our PPC. We would highly recommend the CEEK team for any marketing services and have seen our sales grow from social media by over 300%.”

    Isabel Fernandez

    Marketing Manager at Quorn Stone

    “The CEEK team are nothing short of professional from start to finish. They fully educated me and my team on the full process. They really demonstrated their skills in all things social media and are certainly our go to company for all things digital.”

    Charlie Gilbert

    Founder of CNSTRCT

  • “We really enjoy working with CEEK. They have an extremely professional and friendly team. They pro-actively respond to events, and have certainly delivered on their promises. We would highly recommend them.”

    Brian Clivaz

    Owner of L’Escargot

    “We really enjoy working with CEEK. They have an extremely professional and friendly team. They pro-actively respond to events, and have certainly delivered on their promises. We would highly recommend them.”


    Owner of Gosesummer

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Digital PR FAQs

Our bespoke, global database of partners ensures that we can be selective with the brands we want to collaborate with on your campaign. We also create content that resonates with your target audience to match the correct demographic.

Digital PR success varies from campaign to campaign; however, we use metrics such as the quality and quantity of media placements to ensure we are building the authority of your brand.

Every digital PR campaign is unique and dependent on a variety of factors including budget and competitor landscape, which makes setting generic ROI difficult. However, the measurement of success is decided prior to the launch of the campaign to ensure your ROI matches the goals that were set.

Our experienced digital PR team constantly test and adapt to algorithmic changes to ensure we are at the forefront of what we do. Trends are constantly changing; something we closely monitor through connections, industry workshops and market research.

CEEK boasts a global database of partnerships to ensure every digital PR campaign can be tailored to a brand’s specific needs. If a client wants to push local PR, we have the ability to thrive doing so, irrespective of the location.

Most of our clients utilising digital PR opt for monthly reporting with detailed performance updates to ensure you are always informed about the impact and development of your campaign. We also assign dedicated Account Managers to ensure seamless communication throughout the month on important matters.