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Quorn Stone

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    Quorn Stone

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Quorn Stone sandstone kitchen tiles

CEEK’s Impact

  • “Dijon Limestone Tiles” Ranking Position

  • Organic Clicks Campaign Growth


  • Paid Media Purchases Growth


Quorn Stone

Getting To Know The Brand

Quorn Stone began their journey all the way back in 1995, importing artisan hand-painted terracotta tiles from Manises, Spain.

These small, yet beautiful tiles ignited the brand’s lifelong passion for natural materials in the home.

Today, as a second-generation family business, much has evolved and progressed over time.

Quorn Stone inherits a commitment to sourcing premium, timeless tiles and providing exceptional customer service remains at the very core of what they do.

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The Project


When CEEK first partnered with Quorn Stone, the immediate task was to move the site to Shopify to enhance the national ecommerce functionality for users and search engines.

We also needed to launch a paid media campaign from scratch to generate market qualified leads for the business.

On the social side, CEEK had the challenge of launching the Pinterest channel for Quorn Stone to increase brand visibility and, ultimately, revenue for key product pages.


Using our bespoke E-Matrix system, CEEK crafted an aggressive marketing strategy to positively impact Quorn Stone in both the short and long term.

Once the strategy was created, we oversaw the site migration to Shopify; our SEO team played a key part to ensure organic visibility was not just maintained following the migration, but accelerated.

Our paid media campaign launched in tandem with the site migration. This allowed the CEEK team to collate valuable data for key products and dominate the competitor landscape.

From an SEO perspective, the CEEK team had the national ecommerce side of the business to scale while generating leads from Quorn Stone’s showrooms across the UK, executing our data-driven Local SEO strategy. We used digital PR to fuel both the national and local campaigns, driving the authority of the site to new heights.

The final piece of the puzzle was social – in particular, Pinterest. Our specialist social team launched the Pinterest campaign to increase brand awareness and feed back commercial value to the Quorn Stone website.


We have seen spectacular results since the Shopify migration at the start of 2023.

Quorn Stone were averaging around 200 organic clicks per day prior to the migration; we now generate over 700 organic clicks each day on a consistent basis.

The brand also dominates multiple position 1 rankings for core transactional keywords for the business; examples include Dijon Limestone Tiles, Limestone Tiles and Limestone Pavers.

Through paid activity, Quorn Stone now generates over 1,000 purchases or sales each month, an increase of over 400% from the start of the campaign.


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