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Lily Phellera

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    Lily Phellera

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Lily Phellera fashion week

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Lily Phellera

Getting To Know The Brand

Lily Phellera is a modern womenswear brand redefining luxury, inspired by the juxtaposition and polarity between the masculine and the feminine.

Lily Phellera bridges the gap between art and fashion, between elegance and functionality, always striving for quality over quantity.

Her collections are grounded with a foundation of bold, sculptured silhouettes and sensual shapes.

This London-based luxury fashion label has gained a dedicated and loyal global following, especially in the US, Europe and Asia. 

Let’s Work Together


The Project


CEEK took on the challenge of cultivating a loyal customer base for Lily Phellera, focusing on driving direct purchases through the brand’s website. Additionally, CEEK was tasked with fostering repeat business by developing a series of automated email campaigns targeted at customers post-purchase.


To achieve these objectives, CEEK devised a multifaceted approach that combined paid advertising on social media and also a personalised email marketing strategy.

CEEK implemented targeted paid advertising campaigns aimed at raising awareness of Lily Phellera’s products and driving traffic to the brand’s website.

Once we were driving significant traffic, we also launched paid re-marketing campaigns, to ensure we were staying front of mind at all points in the customer journey.

Before partnering with CEEK, Lily Phellera was not effectively utilising its email database to engage customers and drive repeat purchases. Recognising the untapped potential of email marketing, CEEK designed a comprehensive series of automated email sequences tailored to each stage of the customer journey.

These email campaigns were tailored to each stage of the customer journey, from post-purchase thank you messages to follow-up emails showcasing related products or offering exclusive discounts.

By delivering timely and relevant content directly to customers’ inboxes, CEEK aimed to nurture relationships, build trust, and ultimately drive customer loyalty.


We increased sales month-on-month by 50%, generating an excellent ROI for the client.


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