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Small Beer cans

Small Beer

Getting To Know The Brand

Small Beer is a world-class brewing company that focus on crafting low-alcohol beers, delivering outstanding taste in the process. Their innovative approach is based on the historical tradition of ‘small beer’, offering a modern twist with flavoursome beer that is low in alcohol – all brewed in their London facility.

Dedicated to sustainability and quality, Small Beer places emphasis on their eco-friendly brewing process and stand out in the craft beer scene by mixing tradition with innovation; providing a bespoke option for any beer drinker.

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The Project


When Small Beer first started working with CEEK, the brand was yet to make their mark digitally.

The initial challenge was to increase brand awareness through our bespoke omnichannel approach to marketing, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue for the business.


The first step was to create a detailed strategy that incorporated all three marketing services that we were going to utilise – SEO, social media and paid media. This foundation was formed using our E-Matrix system, setting ourselves up with a clear pathway to a successful campaign.

Following the strategy formulation came the execution phase. This involved optimising the Small Beer website for search engines to improve organic visibility. We also launched our paid media strategy to deliver results instantly.

Our social media campaign was targeted to generate engagement and followers, which we did while maintaining what was important to the brand.


Back in 2019, the Small Beer website was averaging 500 organic visitors per month – fast forward to 2024 and that number is now over 11,000.

The CEEK team also played a crucial part in social growth and Small Beer now boasts over 15,000 Instagram followers.

CEEK’s Impact

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