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DAME collection of products - bundle

CEEK’s Impact

  • “Sustainable Period Products” Ranking Position

  • Core Organic Keywords Positions 1-3


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Getting To Know The Brand

DAME is an award-winning brand focused on sustainable period care products such as reusable period pads, tampon applicators, and organic tampons.

With a commitment to eliminating single-use plastics, DAME’s offerings are designed to be leak-proof, toxin-free, vegan, and made from organic cotton.

The company emphasises environmental responsibility, boasting over 20 million plastic applicators saved to date through their use in 67 countries. DAME aims to change periods for good by providing comfortable, secure, and sustainable menstrual products.

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The Project


The beauty of working with DAME was that we had a genuine, unique, outstanding brand to market from the start; it was simply down to CEEK to execute the strategy and make DAME the number one sustainable period products brand in the UK.

However, we were up against huge brands in the digital landscape. It was not an easy industry to compete in, but we believed in the CEEK strategy and relevant teams to increase brand awareness and drive revenue to key product pages.


Let’s start with SEO. When first onboarding DAME, the CEEK SEO team aligned on business goals with key stakeholders in the company to ensure we had the foundations for what we wanted to achieve.

The main goal was to rank position 1, organically, for ‘sustainable period products’, as well as achieve some position 1 rankings for key products.

For this strategy, we completed a technical audit of the site to identify the quick wins while constructing a dev team task list for the next six months.

Following the technical work, we optimised every focus landing page with on-page optimisations. This then allowed us to map out what pages we wanted to rank for what keywords.

Simultaneously, we developed topical maps for revenue-driving terms to build out DAME’s topical authority in search engines. This worked in tandem with our bespoke internal linking dashboard to power up the key pages from the blog content produced.

We also used paid media to supplement our organic strategy by collecting valuable user behaviour data. On top of this, we used email marketing to build a core audience and, inevitably, drive more sales.


On the organic side, we achieved some outstanding rankings. In just nine months, we achieved position 1 for ‘sustainable period products’ on Google. DAME also now ranks position 1 for several key product pages including ‘reusable tampon applicator’ and ‘organic cotton tampons’.

We have also grown the DAME email list to over 65,000 unique members in that period.

CEEK is still working very closely with DAME and continue to build on the digital marketing success we have seen since the start of the project.


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