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CEEK is the leading content creation agency in Manchester. Our bespoke strategies and wealth of experience across multiple platforms allows the CEEK team to spearhead content marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively.

The CEEK OptiScript model allows us to create content that engages audiences and, ultimately, increases conversions for clients.

Content Creation Agency Manchester

Content Marketing Consultancy

The CEEK team in Manchester puts content creation at the heart of every campaign. We ensure that all content produced for clients elevates their brand message and is crafted with specific goals in mind.

With video marketing being an integral content option for any agency, in particular vertical video, CEEK has built expert teams that shoot specifically for channels such as IGTV, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

The majority of video views are now coming from mobile devices in a vertical format, making this type of video a specific skillset.

CEEK also provide copywriting content for different channels of marketing, utilising our bespoke OptiScript model to leverage the power of comprehensive, strategic planning ready for content production.

Marketing agency knowledge, data and experience puts CEEK in a different league to any other content creation agency in Manchester.

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We Work With The Best

Our content creation clientele is as diverse as our strategies. We have the privilege of working with Manchester’s innovative start-ups and established global brands alike. Our deep understanding of content creation dynamics enables us to design customised campaigns that deliver tangible results, regardless of the industry or geographic location.

Content Creation Platforms

Our experience utilising Google across different marketing channels has provided us with invaluable data to use for new and existing clients.

Whether we are creating content to rank at the top of Google, or to develop strong AD copy to increase click-through rates, the CEEK Manchester team accumulated years of tested data to enhance your campaign from the start.

The power of creating encapsulating video content on Instagram is a widely undervalued asset in the digital marketing industry. The CEEK content team in Manchester pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, engaging Instagram content that matches your brand’s ethos to elevate your digital presence in the right way.

TikTok has over one billion active monthly users; ensuring your content is on brand and trained to work with the ever-changing algorithm is a skill that the CEEK content creation team have mastered across our portfolio of clients.

YouTube is one of the largest Search Engines in the world, which gives your business an exciting opportunity to create enriching video content that resonates with your brand message.

Facebook is still a prominent channel for digital marketing. The CEEK team has worked on the platform for over a decade and adapted to continuously create engaging content that elevates your brand’s digital presence.

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CEEK provides high-quality content creation services for a range of clients in varying industries. Get in touch with us today to see how we can improve your digital presence through content creation.


Content Marketing Specialists

Unique Approach To Content Creation

From our offices in Manchester, the CEEK approach to content creation is strategic, data-driven, and customer-focused. Every campaign we execute will aim to deliver results at scale while maintaining your brand’s ethos.


At CEEK, we deploy bespoke strategies to create high-quality, engaging content for your target platform. Each process is tailored specifically to match your brand’s desired perception while ensuring the content is designed for the algorithm of said platform.

Whether the target platform is TikTok, YouTube, Instagram or another marketing channel, the CEEK team in Manchester inherit invaluable experience to ensure your video content is the best on the market to dominate the surrounding competition.


Our bespoke ‘OptiScript’ model is used for every piece of copywriting we create for clients. This model utilises natural language processing and detailed competitor landscape analysis to ensure the content produced is optimised for both Search Engines and users.

Once the OptiScript has been created, we use our team of content marketing specialists to execute; whether it’s a blog for your website or captions for social media posts, we know exactly how to tailor content for each platform’s algorithm.


Audio content is vastly underutilised and can be a strong customer acquisition tool. Content marketing in audio form can be effective in various formats including podcasts, sound bites or optimising for voice recognised searches.

There are currently over four billion voice assistants in use globally, which makes voice recognised content a vital component of any successful content marketing campaign. The CEEK SEO team in Manchester collaborate to ensure all audio content is optimised for voice search.

Content Creation Offices In Manchester

The CEEK content creation team in Manchester work with a variety of clients across different marketing platforms.

The Manchester content team is focused on delivering outstanding content; whether that be social media video content or blogs for a website, the CEEK team is at the forefront of the industry.

Our Manchester office is just a 10 minute walk to the city centre and six minutes from the Northern Quarter.

With our omni-channel approach, most clients are working across multiple marketing channels on their digital campaigns, making our in-person office space crucial for collaboration across departments.

The CEEK Content Creation Process

We kickstart our process by understanding your target platform(s) and how you want your brand message to be portrayed.

We develop a tailored content creation strategy, which includes setting clear objectives, determining the cadence and defining key performance indicator (KPIs) for each target platform.

Once the strategy has been created, the CEEK team create a visual roadmap for content creation. This process allows the client to see a pathway to success, factoring in trends, platform updates and algorithmic changes.

Leveraging the capabilities of the chosen platform, the CEEK content marketing and SEO team work in tandem from our Manchester offices to create bespoke OptiScripts. This allows a smooth transition into the execution phase.

Once the OptiScripts have been developed, our team of content marketing specialists get tasked with executing the content creation phase. Through algorithmic testing, this continues to develop the deeper we go into the project.

Transparent and comprehensive, our content marketing reports provide you with valuable, concise insights into your campaign’s performance. We report on the clear KPIs that were agreed upon in the strategy development phase.

What CEEK Clients Think

  • “We were looking for a social media agency to help grow our sales across two showrooms for our stone flooring business. We have been working with CEEK for over a year now on our social media strategy, SEO and our PPC. We would highly recommend the CEEK team for any marketing services and have seen our sales grow from social media by over 300%.”

    Isabel Fernandez

    Marketing Manager at Quorn Stone

    “The CEEK team are nothing short of professional from start to finish. They fully educated me and my team on the full process. They really demonstrated their skills in all things social media and are certainly our go to company for all things digital.”

    Charlie Gilbert

    Founder of CNSTRCT

  • “We really enjoy working with CEEK. They have an extremely professional and friendly team. They pro-actively respond to events, and have certainly delivered on their promises. We would highly recommend them.”

    Brian Clivaz

    Owner of L’Escargot

    “Working with the CEEK team has been an enriching experience, providing me with valuable insights. Your assistance and suggestions have played a crucial role in the development of our brand.”


    Owner of Gosesummer

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Content Creation FAQs

We leverage comprehensive audience analysis to obtain valuable data surrounding demographics, interests and online behaviour. Our bespoke content strategies are tailored directly to your target customers, allowing for highly-relevant engagement and brand recognition.

We use the set KPIs decided during the strategy formation process to measure the success of our content marketing execution. This frequently includes data such as views, engagement, organic rankings and more.

Every campaign is different and dependent on a variety of factors including budget and competitor landscape, which makes setting generic ROI difficult. However, the measurement of success is decided prior to the launch of the campaign to ensure your ROI matches the goals that were set.

The CEEK content marketing team remain at the cutting edge of trends by attending industry workshops, analysing market research and utilising the latest technological advancements in natural language processing to incorporate into our bespoke strategies.

Absolutely! Our content creation process is developed using our bespoke OptiScript model, which allows flexibility for geo-targeted content.

Most of our content marketing clients opt for monthly reporting with detailed performance updates to ensure you are always informed about the impact and development of your campaign. We also assign dedicated Account Managers to ensure seamless communication throughout the month on important matters.