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Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultancy in Manchester

CEEK Marketing Consultants work with businesses across Manchester using a unique marketing methodology to increase their ROI via their digital channels.

Coupled with a deep understanding of Manchester & the surrounding area, our team of Digital Marketing Consultants have an un-rivalled passion for Marketing & partner with amazing Manchester based brands to amplify their message on Google & Social Media. Our local in-house team in Manchester has specialists in each area of the Digital Marketing spectrum, uniquely positioned to increase revenue by leveraging Manchester based businesses’ online presence.

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Local Digital Marketing& Social Media Consultancy

Unique Approach

Unique Approach

Our Manchester based Marketing Consultants use our industry first OCMX methodology, a different approach to other marketing agencies in Manchester. ``Omni-Channel Marketing Execution`` is a powerful approach to online marketing.

Increased Revenue

Our Omni-Channel approach enables CEEK Marketing Consultants to achieve a stronger ROI whilst driving the cost of customer acquisition down. Our ultimate aim is to increase Manchester based business's revenue.

Amplify Brand Awareness

Manchester is a competitive Marketing landscape, CEEK Consultants love a challenge! Rising above the noise & amplifying your brand awareness on various channels across Social Media & Google is essential to acquiring new customers.

Leverage Technology

We live & breath Manchester, marketing & business. However, our constant quest to improve our services requires our teams to be at the cutting-edge of marketing technology which we leverage to increase Manchester business's marketing ROI.

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CeekGeek 20th February 2020
The Music Marketing Social Platform: TikTok

The Music Marketing Social Platform: TikTok

TikTok's biggest marketing investment to date - The Brits The win-win collaboration between the short video entertainment app and Britain's most iconic annual…

CeekGeek 13th February 2020
Social Media Platform Content to be Policed by Regulator Watchdog Ofcom

Social Media Platform Content to be Policed by Regulator Watchdog Ofcom

It has been revealed this week that regulators Ofcom are to expand their duties to UK social media. Up until now, Ofcom has had a wide range of powers in the world…