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TikTok Marketing Agency – Investing in Gen Z

TikTok Marketing Agency

TikTok’s heavily engaged audience of 1 billion + users is hard to ignore in the world of marketeers which is why we are excited to announce that the ever growing platform is testing a new ad feature that links advertisers to its prominent influencers. The new advertising system will allow creators to display a call-to-action button in their videos making the discovery process for both parties faster and more efficient.

The TikTok Creator Marketplace which launched in late 2019 linking advertisers with vetted publishers and influencers, is still considered a new feature in the world of influencer marketing. The feature allows advertisers to browse the platform’s top creators and filter them using metrics such as audience demographics, follower count and the type of content they create.


CEEK consultants have seen a consistent rise in the number of new and existing clients enquiring about the platform’s commercial application in 2020 and both branded channels and influencer marketing campaigns have been in constant discussion within our social media agency as brands now recognise the platform as an essential marketing channel. 

The team at CEEK have been integrating the “Shop Now” button, which is already available for advertisers, with some of their clients during the lockdown period in a quest to drive organic traffic to their websites during a difficult time.

Shoppable products are crucial for inclusion in a plethora of growing e-commerce marketing channels and it’s no surprise Pinterest have also responded to this marketing strategy by launching ‘verified’ merchants this month in the US and rolling in the UK next month.

CEEK will be integrating selected retailer campaigns with this new feature in the aim to stay on top of all new e-commerce trends.


“TikTok is providing a new form of native advertising options for brands. The captive Gen Z audience are expected to command 40% of online spending power by the end of 2020. We aim to help our existing clients maximise their return from the platform whilst continuing our success with client campaigns across other platforms,” said Charlie Terry, CEEK’s Managing Director.

“Our investment in TikTok as a platform has led to a major initiative within the group. We are proud to be partnering with leading Influencer talent management agency The Blogger Agent in the creation of a new TikTok specialist agency that we will be officially launching  in the coming weeks”.

TikTok, which had already been growing quickly over the past year, has seen a monumental increase in users since the lockdown took hold. Data company Apptopia estimates the TikTok app was downloaded 100 million times worldwide from March 20th through April 28th.


The TikTok call-to-action ads are only available to selected advertisers and marketing agencies with extensive testing still required to roll out globally. The revenue share model allows TikTok to extract revenue from a setup that historically would be between the brand and the influencer and although the exact numbers have not been released, TikTok has been rumoured to be discussing a 20/80 split in their favour. 

“We are constantly experimenting with ideas and features to improve the app experience for our users,” said a representative from TikTok. “We are a platform for creative expression and a big part of that is showing and sharing the things you love with others. We’re in the early stages of testing a way users can add links to products to their videos and will share more updates when we have them.”

Earlier this month, popular denim brand Levi’s shared details about how it had partnered with TikTok influencers Everett Williams, Cosette Rinab, Gabby Morrison and Callen Schaub to promote its “Future Finish” customisable denim technology on the platform. The influencers’ in-feed ads included TikTok’s relatively new “Shop Now” buttons.

Levi’s didn’t share specific numbers but said the push, which ended on April 19th, generated a watch-time that was twice as long as the average on TikTok and that product views to its “Future Finish” page “more than doubled” for the products that featured in the TikTok campaign.

In a similar call-to-action vein, TikTok also launched a product called “Donation Stickers” made available for all users to embed within their videos and live streams to raise money for charitable causes, similar to the feature released by Instagram earlier this week.

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