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Social media influencers are everywhere, and they are talking about your brand. This is why social media marketers are constantly buzzing with talk about influencers, and it has become vital in how we discuss valuable relationships on social media.

We all have a circle of influence, but we may only be influential about certain topics. The same is true when it comes to social media, and identifying the people who hold esteem in specific areas can be a challenging task.


1. Reach – The ability to reach an audience that is valuable to your brand

2. Resonance – The proliferation or engagement with relevant content by an audience that is valuable to your brand

3. Relevance – The creation of content that is relevant to your brand, or relevant to a topic that’s important to your brand

This essentially is a focus specifically on influencer identification, and some ways to find relevant influencers quickly.

But before jumping on the influencer bandwagon, there are some important questions social media marketers need to ask: What do influencers mean for your brand? Do you know how many influencers are talking about your brand? Do you measure how many influential posts mention your brand each day?

 Subsequently, this process involves:

• How you define influencers.

• What you can do to find influencers.

• Ways to engage them that can drive value for your business.

Understanding these core concepts will help you develop an influencer campaign that delivers real results.


The quickest place to start is by looking at the influential individuals who are already engaging with your content and talking about your brand. At CEEK, we identify your most engaged and most followed users using extensive analytics research across your online profiles.

If you want to focus your search around your brand or product hashtags, you can do that, as well.

We often undertake hashtag reports that allow you to see the users who are posting the most often with your hashtag, the most-followed users, and those who are generating the most engagement with their posts that use your hashtag. This is a great opportunity to identify key people that are already your brand influencers.

When your in the process of trying to find key influencers, don’t just look for those who are tagging your brand in every post and already engaging with all of your content (although, as I mentioned above, you may find some valid opportunities there as well). Look for individuals or groups who are driving value in conversations that are relevant to your brand, but not ones that necessarily involve your brand. At CEEK we often will investigate the conversations around your brand but not specific to it e.g. you have a consumable health product so we find those discussing gym, fitness or anything slightly related to a direct search for that product. Once this is done, you can start to focus on the more concentrated market of influencers that are already implicitly influencers of your brand.

Drill down to the specific themes and demographic profiles that will be the most relevant to your audience. This will help you get the clearest picture of the influencers you want to work with.

One of the biggest benefits of social media is that there is a ton of public data. 

Who’s driving value for other brands that market to customers like yours?

This is where you can begin to find influencers through your close competitors, as they may already be occupied with promoting a brand that isn’t as good as yours. The whole process of identifying influencers is engaging them and making them natural advocates of your brand. A well thought out influencer strategy will no doubt lead to your brand or product seeing a boom in exposure and direct traffic to all of your online channels.

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