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The latest update by Google has seen the introduction of increased importance in your website having an up to date or renewed SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate is important in establishing a secure connection between your data you transmit every time you land on a web page and how that is protected. When you visit an unsecured website, your browser makes a connection with that website and transmits information publicly. Filling out a form or entering your credit card on an unsecured website means that hackers could intercept the information and steal your data. SSL certificates stop this from happening – as they establish a protected route between the website server and your browser, protecting any information your transmit or enter during your visit. Additionally, an updated or renewed SSL will not hamper your page load speeds or website performance.

In short, an SSL certificate will help your website achieve the following 3 things:


– An SSL certificate will give your customers/website traffic the peace of mind when visiting your website that their data is protected. This should help create a higher number of returning users and mean they are more likely to feel comfortable entering their details during their visit. This will also benefit the website owner, as you have higher data input which you can use for re-marketing campaigns and newsletters.


– SSL certificates have been confirmed as playing a key role in Google’s algorithm of ranking your websites for relevant search terms. A website with an SSL may out rank another website which doesn’t hold one or who’s has expired. SSL certificates also may help your website traffic stay on your website longer and reduce high bounce rates due to a lack of trust. All of these factors help contribute to improved SEO.


– SSL certificates make it more difficult for your website data to be hacked, protecting your own details as well as any customers information.

You can purchase and install an SSL certificate from a range of websites online – we have listed a few below to help you get on your way!

https://www.digicert.com/ssl-certificate-installation.htm https://www.sslshopper.com/how-to-order-an-ssl-certificate.html

Contact the CEEK Team to find out if your website has an SSL certificate here: https://ceek.co.uk/index.php/contact

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