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Why Should I Hire a Social Media Marketing Consultant?

It’s true, social media can be actioned by virtually anyone. However, there’s another level of value to be unlocked when using social media for marketing your business. To ensure you are efficiently using social media platforms for business growth, investing in a Social Media Marketing Consultant may be a great long-term investment.

Social Media Consultants, sometimes known as “account managers” are either in-house or marketing agency outsourced personnel whose dedicated job is to manage your company’s social media accounts. At CEEK, our account managers execute social media activities across a mix of social media channels in line with an overall strategy encompassing all available digital outlets. CEEK Marketing account managers ensure all content is released in the most effective way through optimising the use of locations, hashtags, posting times & reach amplification.

Social Media is at the core of CEEK’s marketing consult’s toolkit, we are passionate about using social media platforms to support and protect the growth of brands we collaborate with. Likewise, below we have highlighted our:

Top 5 benefits of having a Social Media Marketing Consultant:


1) A Social Media Consultant is always “online”

Social Media Consultants are passionate about they do so even in their “downtime” they can be found online. This supports their continuous know-how of social media trends and updates which ensures your brand’s account stays relevant and optimised for engagement i.e. brand awareness at all times.

Having a social media marketing manager who stays online means no questions, reviews or comments are left unanswered; helping keep any customer relationship management issues at bay. CEEK’s social media marketing team are dedicated to exploring ways for post reach amplification and working outside the standard 9-5 hours enables them to explore a broad range of posting times to figure out what performs best for your brand and its target audience.

2) A Social Media Consultant = a brand advocate

Having a Social Media Consultant means you won’t have to personally sing your praises and let others know about your products/services. This not only reduces the extra costs of hiring PR agencies, but it is also a way of how Social Media Consultant’s help you build long-term relationships, brand awareness and sustainable growth for your business.

In order to achieve the above, Social Media Consultants spend time getting to know your brand, making it easy for them to answer any related questions.

3) Social Media Consultants help you stay ahead of your competitors

As mentioned in point 1, a Social Media Consultant is always online, coupled with powerful data analytics and tools. This means they are able to continuously analyse specific hashtags, see what others are saying about similar products/services to yours and have an awareness of what your competitors are saying. This can give you a strategic advantage not only in brand pro-activity but also by protecting your market positioning.

4) Social Media Consultants help reduce the stress of running a business

Yes – having a Social Media Consultant does, in fact, free up your time. However, one of the most beneficial factors of having someone manage your business’ social media accounts is that social media supports the generation of leads and contacts through its brand awareness capabilities; all of which in the long-term supports your business’ growth.

If you don’t believe the benefits of having a Social Media Consultant, try it – even if it’s just for a month! Let go of trying to figure out what to post on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. and see the benefits that evolve for your business.

5) A Social Media Consultant can help you improve your business

You’ve probably noticed by now, that all the above benefits list to one main view – Social Media Consultants can help you improve your business. The statement is pretty bold but take a look at the key benefits of social media marketing for a business:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generation of leads, contacts and (hopefully!) revenue
  • Competitor and customer insights

Even though they are marketers and not salespeople, Social Media Consultants’ job cover a variety of roles as they chat to interested parties on your behalf while you’re able to manage the operational side of your business and make time for new ventures in the future.

We hope the above was insightful. If you’re thinking of investing in a Social Media Consultant the CEEK Marketing team will be happy to discuss the opportunities social media marketing may bring to your business. Email [email protected] to receive a free social media audit!

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