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Should you use Video Marketing for your business? 

Did you know that 86% of online marketers now call upon video content to share their key marketing messages? As internet speeds get faster and devices more sophisticated, video continues its dramatic surge in popularity.

Are you using video marketing yet, or are you not convinced it’s worth the investment? Here’s a closer look at the reasons you should absolutely incorporate video content into your marketing strategy.

Why video marketing marketing is essential for business:

Video traffic now accounts for around 80% of all internet traffic

Your audience has an insatiable appetite for video content. In fact, 80% of all internet traffic is now made up by video content. Look at your own internet habits: we’re confident that you if you look back over the years, you will have seen a change in the way that you interact with video content. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world, the millennial consumer adopted the popular social platform as a key source of information and entertainment. This has translated through to the digitally innate generation z, seeing the rise of a whole new type of marketing and advertising now known as influencer marketing.

Most businesses that are active online will undoubtedly understand that to effectively share important brand messaging, they have to go to where their customers are. This means that producing video content that is of high quality, optimised for mobile devices and most importantly relevant and engaging to the target customer.

Video is more diverse than ever before

Are you concerned that video is expensive, and that you won’t get a good return on your investment? This is one of the most common objections in marketing departments around the world. We are a digital marketing agency based in London and we certainly hear this from clients from time-to-time.

The good news is that faster internet connections and the arrival of 5G mean that you can make the most of your video content in a wide range of areas without compromising on the user experience. In addition to hosting your video on video platforms you’ll also be able to use video content on your website, on landing pages, on social media and in many other locations such as paid advertisements. This means that it’s easier than ever before to get bang for your buck and make your video content work for your business. As the appetite for video content continues to grow, so does the potential ROI of video content.

Our experience an data indicates that videos on platforms such as Youtube can provide a longer lasting “evergreen” ROI that other forms of content, in simple terms video can help to expose your brand to customers at the time of release and for years to come. A historic project for a luxury travel client in Sri Lanka still receives thousands of views a month despite being years old:



Drive your messages home

Everybody learns in a different way. Some people prefer written content, some prefer audio while others learn through doing. The majority of people, though, are visual learners and this means that video is the perfect way for you to transmit important and complex ideas in a clear and engaging way.

The majority of people have an improved level of comprehension/ recall when they watch a video compared to, say, reading a blog post. This is why explainer videos have emerged as perhaps the most popular way for businesses to offer a fast introduction to their product or service.

If you have a complex product or service that takes a long time to explain, video may be the only effective option to communicate your product or service. Creating explainer videos also removes the risk of human error when leaving to a sales person or member of the team, safety videos on aircrafts ensure that all key features of an aircraft are conveyed without human error, which could even save lives.

Improve your other marketing materials

Video content can be difficult to produce, but it’s a truly amazing marketing exercise. Creating a video can help you to look at your storytelling and brand collateral in an entirely new light, given that videos have to be as succinct and as logical as possible. The majority of our projects in recent years whether social media campaigns, search engine optimisation initiatives or website development projects video is a key element of the content mix.

If you are looking for the clearest and most inspiring way to articulate the vision and mission of your business, creating a video is an amazing exercise. This can elevate the quality and consistency of your other marketing materials too, improving your sales conversion across the board. Not only does video marketing help you to get your storytelling straight, it’s a great way to explore another element of your brand’s personality. By thinking about how your brand comes across using video, you can open up new dimensions to your brand and see it in an entirely new light.

Try to involve the people that sell your product or service day-to-day, for smaller businesses this may include the company founder whereas for larger companies sales people may be better. Try to avoid marketing departments creating video content without consulting the people talking to customers each day. This will ensure that the key concerns and/ or benefits are demonstrated during the video and is tailored to the target customer.

More social engagement

CEEK’s historical data shows that video marketing leads to increased engagement across the board. In fact, statistics show that video on social media can earn an amazing 1200% higher engagement rate when compared to images and text – combined!

If you are looking to really drive engagement with your audience, video is the way to do it. Depending on your niche and marketing goals, video marketing may be the perfect option for your needs. Platforms such as LinkedIn prioritise video in their algorithms and recently Instagram has release a whole separate app dedicated solely to vertical video!

You’ll also find that this medium is going to continue and snowball. As audiences demand more video and demonstrate their preference for the format, social platforms will continue to adjust their algorithms to prioritise video content. This will lead to video becoming even stronger, so you can’t afford to get left behind.

Video is cheaper than ever before to produce

Many marketing managers are concerned that video is incredibly expensive to produce. When hearing about video production, marketing managers will often begin to imagine complex setups and large video crews. This simply isn’t the case and although higher levels of production can be required, the CEEK social media content teams have demonstrated time and again that even basic video produced with a smartphone that is integrated into an overall strategy can provide impressive ROI adding a competitive edge over competitors.

Cameras on the average smartphone are absolutely incredible and they can capture very high-quality videos. There are lots of resources out there that you can use to get inspiration and guidance on how to make the most of the resources that you have readily available to you. Consider that lighting plays a large role in smartphone video creation and that consumers are comfortable with video in vertical or horizontal formats.

With each new technique and piece of technology that emerges, video becomes cheaper and cheaper to produce. This is also the case for animated video that is becoming more and more popular in a variety of industry sectors.

Video has huge SEO benefits

Of course, you want to get a quantifiable result back from your investment in video. You can rest assured that video marketing will contribute to your SEO strategy and help you to achieve your search engine optimisation goals. Popular videos on social platforms can lead to high-quality backlinks to your website, while video that is properly optimised with closed captions and meta information can help you to rank organically for competitive search terms.

You’ll also have noticed that Google search results prioritise video more often now, so you will want to produce video content that gives you the best chance of featuring in those rich snippet results at the top of Google searches.


Worth the Investment

We hope that this closer look at video content has been useful for you. We strongly suggest that you incorporate video content into your marketing strategy to boost results across the board and communicate with your target audience in an effective and engaging way.


Are you using video yet, or are you not convinced it’s worth the investment? Here’s a closer look at the reasons you should incorporate video content into your marketing strategy.