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10 ways to Optimize your Pinterest Strategy

So, what is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a popular social media platform in which users (known as Pinners) can curate and ‘pin’ visual content of their choice based on personal interests. Considered one of the world’s largest platforms in terms of global active users, Pinterest is becoming an increasingly popular platform to showcase your brand.  

CEEK puts their brands at the heart of everything they do, here are their top 10 tips for boosting your Pinterest marketing strategies. 


1 – Business Means Business  

Creating a Pinterest business account allows you to obtain additional features to help you boost your online presence instantly. At a glance, business users can feature a header of their own branded Pins and gain a verification badge, helping to create power and an online presence. Other notable Pinterest business features include clear visibility over analytics and the option to run ads and promoted pins.

2 – Eye-catching Imagery  

As a visual platform, imagery is key. Most Pinners navigate the platform from mobile devices meaning the content should be optimised for this. Brands should consider the use of Carousel and Max Width Video formatting that aims to further engage Pinners, helping to land key campaign messaging.

3 – Add Value with Copy  

Combine your eye-catching imagery with a descriptive content to support and compliment the visuals. Whilst Pinterest has a large focus on imagery, enticing copy reveals more of the brands story to Pinners. Don’t forget to add keywords to copy.

4 – Make Your Brand the Star  

Give your brand a leading role. Make sure your brand is well integrated across all Pinterest content with the inclusion of distinctive brand assets (e.g. logo, product shots, and colour scheme) to trigger brand recognition and ensure the content is considered relevant.

5 – Consistency Is Key  

Like other social platforms, consistent posting is recommended to engage with the correct audience. Consider creating a backlog of curated Pins and take advantage of the Pinterest scheduling service to post at your desired time.

6 – Get Set For SEO

SEO is central to getting your brand the visibility it deserves. Ensure your keywords are optimised so your content dominates Pinterest search results. Pinterest has, afterall, it’s own search engine, just like Google.

7 – Hashtags

Supporting hashtags are also useful as Pinners can follow hashtags in areas of interest to them. Like SEO, ensure you do your research on hashtags to drive optimal board performance and reach your target audience.

8 – Call to Actions  

Streamline the purchasing process for Pinners by including a call to action such as ‘Swipe to Shop’ or ‘Swipe for more information’ to allow Pinners to further interact with the brand.

9 – Establish A Community 

Forming an online Pinterest community brings together like-minded Pinners who will interact with and consume your content. Remember it’s a two-way street. Make the most out of Pinterest communities by engaging with other Pinners and brands to help build loyal communities and convert users into customers, to increase market share.

10 – Increase Your Following  

Building a loyal following can take time on Pinterest. We recommend using your other social platforms to increase awareness of your Pinterest space and encourage instant traffic. The power of the influencer remains strong, therefore consider collaborations with relevant influencers that embody your brand and can help promote your brand to their following.

If you are interested in learning more about boosting your brand’s online presence, get In touch with CEEK today.



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