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As we approach the end of 2017, Instagram Stories has added a further two new features to the platform in what is a welcome round up to a vast amount of additions that have been integrated into the platform this year and our Social Media Marketing team are excited!

The two new features both affect the “Stories” element of Instagram. Stories enable you to view and your followers to view clips that last 24 hours and then vanish unless saved to be used once again in future. These have been a great way to keep the Instagram feed fresh and up to date (and compete with Snapchats stories feature), creating the feel of more of a daily social media platform rather than just simply a showcase.


However, cometh the year, cometh the updates! This latest update introduces the ability to store these memories forever in the form of “Highlights”. Highlights allow you to take stories that you’ve shared and group them into a featured/pinned post at the top of your profile. As a result, over the course of the weeks and months to come, you’ll be able to view those memorable days and events as will your following, helping create an even more interactive and connective feed. This time next year you could be viewing your New Years Eve celebrations, that trip to New York and a family members wedding all at the top of your profile in one “Highlight” video. This highlights feature adds an amazing new dimension for businesses who now have an avenue to feature different aspects of their services which will reward those with a strong Content Marketing approach.

Instagram Highlights


The follow up feature to this is the “Archive” functionality that is active all the time. Stories that you don’t save as highlights and expire after 24 hours are now saved automatically to the Archive, which you can access via a button on your profile. From there you will be able to view, share, or add to a highlight right from your archive. For those that don’t want the auto-archive feature, you will be able to turn it off This is a great automatic back up feature for those days that some of us forget to save a story that we’d like to look back on in times to come.

Over the past year, Instagram Stories has become a key part of how you express yourself — but there hasn’t been an easy way to keep your stories around for more than 24 hours. We look forward to seeing some of your highlights!