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Instagram Live’s new feature is raising money for over a million nonprofit entities

Instagram Makes Donations Live

Instagram launches yet another feature to help fundraise money for nonprofit businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Only a few days after offering Donation Stickers for the use in stories, Instagram has raised the bar by creating a new Live feature on the platform allowing anyone to create and host a fundraiser while live streaming alone or within a group of people. Unlike other platforms, Instagram displays over a million nonprofit entities to choose from and the ability to watch donations in real-time.

Additionally, Instagram has stressed the fact that 100% of the money raised goes directly to the nonprofit, meaning the platform is not taking a cut — a common practice on some other fundraising platforms.

In the past month, the platform has seen a 70% increase in the usage of Instagram Live and despite the lack of an official feature, users had already initiated the idea of fundraising for charities by hosting group dance parties, beauty tutorials, sporting challenges, rap battles and more. 

So how does the new donations feature work? Simply tap “Live” at the bottom of the screen, select the heart shaped icon that reads “Fundraiser” underneath and search for your preferred nonprofit organisation.


During the Live stream event, hosts are able to track the performance and interaction of users in real-time. Instagram not only allows you to see the amount of people connected and the amount of money being raised but it also allows you to see a further breakdown of the donors, including the individual contributions in case you want to give them shout-outs in your video — something you can also do in real time by tapping “Wave.”

Donors will receive an exclusive “I donated!” sticker which can be repurposed on their personal Instagram story to raise awareness for the cause.  

This is a great opportunity for public figures and those in the influencer marketing space to take advantage of their exposure to promote the new feature and thus it’s not a surprise other social media platforms are having similar ideas.

TikTok also partnered up with a number of charitable organisations for the launch of the Live Donation feature on their platform with the mission to support vulnerable groups that are also reflective of the platform’s community — like actors, musicians, educators and restaurant workers, for example.

The app has also been popular amongst medical professionals that see TikTok as a means of communicating with younger users to feed credible health information about the coronavirus outbreak and COVID-19 at a time when conspiracy theories and ambiguous “cures” are being marketed across social media.

Instagram’s parent platform Facebook picked up on user’s increasing interest in live videos too and reintroduced “Live With” so people could bring on guests as they go live — including for fundraising purposes.

Social media platforms are becoming people’s preferred means of connecting with the community during the pandemic, with new features developed on a daily basis, users are able to stay active, entertained and support each other during difficult times. We are excited to see what the future holds for the digital world next!

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