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How To Boost Your Instagram Organic Reach: 5 Powerful Ways

Instagram has become more than just a social network platform – it has now transformed into a playing field for marketers, influencers, and business promoters.

Ideally, when trying to grow an Instagram account organically, we want to use the platform to attract a high-quality audience that will connect with our brand and hopefully convert into clients.

So how can we do this? Here are our top 5 powerful ways:

#1 The rule of the game is consistency

Consistent action creates consistent results.

Staying consistent will allow your audience to know what to expect when they follow you. Whether it is the type of content you post, the time you post, or the aesthetic appeal of your feed – keep it consistent and you shouldn’t be losing those hard-earned followers.

#2 Get your hashtags right

Want to grow your audience and reach new people? If used correctly, hashtags can help do this for you easily. Including relevant hashtags on your post will lead you to an audience that is genuinely interested in the topics you are posting about and therefore more likely to engage with your content! 

Make the most out of your 30 hashtag allowance – it’s all about finding that sweet spot combination of relevant but popular hashtags.

#3 Fun Freebies – Contests and giveaways

Because everyone loves a freebie! 

Hosting contests and giveaways is a great (and extremely clever) way to get yourself some new followers. 

By instructing entrants to tag their friends, like, and follow your page you can increase your account’s visibility and engagement! It’s a WIN-WIN situation in our opinion!  

#4 Engagement is KEY!

To beat IG’s algorithm and make grow your page you must communicate and network! 

Engage with others on their feed, respond to comments on your photos, tag brands/influencers/followers in your posts, host IG lives – however you chose to engage, just make sure you are spending time on the platform.

#5 Create engaging content (nothing boring please!)

The more engaging your content is, the more likely people will share it – A.K.A super like!

Create content that your audience can relate to (you can only know this if you first have a clear understanding of who they are so note that as a priority)

Post about viral topics and take videos (these are known to have 38% more engagement than posts just containing images)

These useful strategies will help grow your account without breaking the bank but you must make sure to keep checking your Instagram analytics to see how your account is growing.

You will be able to see the peaks and analyze what content was posted at that time and how people are engaging with it. Reflect on these analytics and make sure to use the tactics that have worked best to optimize your Instagram strategy for the future.



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