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Instagram live has been a roaring success with users since it was introduced as part of the hugely popular stories feature almost a year ago. Since it was introduced, Instagram has been tweaking Live with new features to bolster its user interface. Some such additions include; adding replays to your live broadcast and throwing in some Snapchat-esque filter as your followers watch. Nearly a year after it was introduced, Instagram have announced one of the biggest feature updates since Live launched: You will now be able to broadcast live with another user.

In August, Instagram announced that you would be able to be dual broadcast via a split screen. The game is about to change, with the updates arrival imminent. If you want to broadcast live, you will now be able to have a friend join in on the action. The app will maintain the same live interface, with this feature operating in the exact same manner as before. Instagram sees this feature update as a means to encourage more shy users to come to the live video party. Alongside a friend, the prospect of sharing live content is thought to be less intimidating.


1. Start a live video from the stories section of the app

2. Tap the new icon at the bottom right corner of the screen (two faces).

3. Once you press the icon, it will pull up a list of everyone who is currently watching your live video, all that you need to do now is select one of your friends viewing your live video and add them to the broadcast.

4. Once your friend accepts your invitation, your previously single screen live video, becomes a split screen broadcast which features both you and your friends camera feed simultaneously.

5. Should you wish to remove your friend from the broadcast you can do this whenever you fancy, they can also leave the stream at any time. It functions in the exact same way as single user live streaming, friends can watch and comment as you broadcast your live video. After your stream ends you can add a reply to your story or toss it out.

Instagram hopes that this new feature will bring live video to a wider audience. As more users will feel more comfortable with streaming alongside a friend, removing a shade of the awkwardness of live streaming. If you do want to give it a go, make sure your Android or iOS app is up-to-date, and then you are ready to enter the world of live video streaming, and you can now bring a friend along for the ride.