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Going Viral (the right way!)

Going Viral (the right way!)

During this unusual time of economic uncertainty and isolation spirits can become low. Everywhere we look from traditional to digital media we are seeing news bulletins and  that are increasingly negative. Yet over the last couple of weeks the sense of unity and community has also shone through these channels, as we all overcome these unprecedented circumstances together. We have seen some beautiful acts of good – strangers helping one another, businesses offering their services for free and entire countries clapping for the NHS together, all welcomed as heart warming stories via our phones. 

This week CEEK Marketing Consultant Beth shared a video on twitter of a sweet moment that happened to her family this week, not realising that the uplifting clip would resonate with so many people, amassing over half a million views in under 2 days. The clip showed Beth’s Grandad Peter on his 92nd birthday, who had assumed he would not be seeing anyone due to the strict Government isolation rules. He was surprised by his neighbours and friends who all gathered (within several metres of each other!) on the village green in front of his house and sang happy birthday to him as he looked on front his doorstep.

Luckily one of the group had the foresight to film the tender moment, so that Beth and her family could see and then ultimately 500,000 other people via the medium of Twitter. The clip has since been shown on ITV News London and This Morning, as well across The Guardian, Sky News, The Independent, Metro and Sky News.


Seen in The Guardian here.

For years now Twitter has been the most news-friendly social platform that has been instrumental in launching content into the media-sphere. Whilst the other most used social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok champion the users own content, Twitter is in equal measure used to share other people’s, which is why here at CEEK we advise our clients that making use of all platforms is imperative to gain as much exposure and engagement from a diverse audience. 

This week we have been closely working with our clients to rework their marketing plans during this time, many clients are using the time to build on areas that provide long-time return such as SEO and content creation, with Paid Targeting dialling down for many clients.


We feel very proud that nearly all of our clients have shown immense desire to add charity and care campaigns into their marketing strategies. Our florist client Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design (link) this week joined forces with London-based start up Buzzbikes, and together they shall be providing transport to NHS workers in the city for the next two months. EMFD are offering up use of their delivery vans while Buzzbikes are providing their full bike collection. This act of consideration hit news outlets including The Independent and The Mayfair Times.

We’d love to know which brands and businesses you have seen make a difference and offer their services or support during this time? 

We hope you are all staying safe and looking forward to a much brighter future, very soon!

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