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TikTok Launches Beta Testing for Their Search Ads Platform

TikTok has been dominating the social space for the last few years, but they are now looking to take on the biggest search engine in the world, Google. 

Last month, TikTok launched beta testing for a select few accounts to test ads in search results. This will provide another way to reach the TikTok audience by targeting the terms that they are searching for. 

This feature will allow advertisers to bid on specific keywords and phrases related to their product or service. During beta testing last year, testers confirmed that through search ad analytics, advertisers were able to collect search terms responsible for conversion and leverage those high click-through rate search terms for their best-performing TikToks.

Based on this, you as an advertiser will be able to create a database of the most popular related searches which can be used to guide your future content and video titles in order to elevate your TikTok strategy.

Why is TikTok rolling out search ads and what does this mean for both consumers and advertisers?

google-searchGoogle held the top spot in the search markets because of its large user base and advertising platforms, however, TikTok has been making noise in the advertising space in recent years

For Gen Z, social media is the place they turn to when they are looking for answers. With nearly 40% of young people turning to TikTok as their top search tool, it makes sense as to why the app would intrude into search ads. 

By entering the search ads market, TikTok aims to provide an ad platform that will  reach younger audiences such as Gen Z and Millennials who are more difficult to reach through traditional advertising channels. 

Will TikTok successfully be able to take on Google? 

tiktok-search-platformTikTok’s launch into the search ads market is not without risk. Google has a huge head start in this industry and will most likely keep the attention of the older millennials into the other upper generations. TikTok will have to offer competitive pricing and engaging features in order to pull advertisers away from Google’s platform. 

“TikTok will also have to ensure that the search ads platform is user-friendly and does not distract from the well-loved user experience.” Sarah – CEEK Marketing.

 Gen Z does not like to be inundated with ads which is why traditional methods are not always successful with this audience. If user’s ads are not relevant to them, they will also be less likely to engage. If ads are tailored to users’ interests and can mimic the already adored for you page (fyp), TikTok will see some exponential growth when it comes to search ads. 

With more and more marketing departments considering TikToK as a platform that will enhance their strategies, it can be said that there is room for TikTok search ads as young people are already searching on the platform. This will in turn give businesses and advertisers the opportunity to capitalise on this and successfully reach the Gen Z community.

The omni-channel approach is still essential 

social-media-platforms“At CEEK we always recommend an Omni-channel approach. Omni-Channel Marketing Execution (OCMX) aims to provide customers with a seamless brand experience across all channels. This method drives a lower cost per acquisition while amplifying exposure, identifying potential customers, and ensuring all avenues have been explored.” – CEEK Marketing 

With that being said, adding TikTok search ads into your marketing mix could amplify your results, however, we would approach this new top-of-funnel traffic generator with a test-and-learn approach as it is so new and little data is available.

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