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Luxury Marketing Consultant


Luxury Marketing Consultancy has grown into a specialist team at CEEK due to the unique combination of marketing and brand expertise required. The unique challenges of marketing in the luxury sector can be difficult to traverse but extremely rewarding if executed at a high level.


CEEK Marketing was founded as a specialist Social Media Marketing agency through love for the art of Digital Marketing, after working with some of the most exclusive brands on the planet, luxury marketing has become a speciality of both our London and New York teams. Today, CEEK has evolved into an award-winning agency with focus across additional areas of Digital Marketing including Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Influencer Marketing, Content Creation and Paid Targeting (PPC).


With over half of all purchases in the luxury market influenced by Digital Marketing, running an effective and cost efficient Digital Marketing Campaign for the luxury marketing sector requires a combination of knowledge and finesse. Deep knowledge of the luxury market in various sectors has allowed the CEEK team to perfect their Luxury Marketing approach. Reaching and affluent customer base effectively is heavily reliant on the CEEK OCMX methodology. Understanding your consumer is the first step to a successful campaign and CEEK specialist consultants have experience with luxury brands across numerous sectors including: Luxury consumer brands, travel, hospitality, jewellery and real estate.

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