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Digital Marketing Specialists


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Experienced Specialists with a Marketing Mindset

We work with clients we love.

Marketing Specialists at CEEK are naturally charming & engaging, we take pride in our marketing positioning & reputation. The ability to impress and inspire is second nature to CEEK Consultants.

We practice what we preach & represent CEEK’s deep expertise across all Digital Marketing channels. Our consultants have a burning desire to improve & learn about the developments of the online world and its future possibilities.

Digital Marketing Specialists
Headquartered in London, with global reach

CEEK Marketing continuously updates, improves & iterate systems, processes & talent. The knowledge & passion of the individuals within the CEEK Marketing team is an essential element of our continued success.

Our Digital Marketing specialists are empowered by our unique OCMX marketing methodology, an industry first. CEEK Marketing Consultants are true practitioners have an innate passion across the full Digital Marketing spectrum.

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What is a Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist is an individual with broad knowledge of the digital marketing landscape. A digital marketing specialist would typically work alongside an existing marketing team to identify all possible digital avenues to increase revenue for a business which may include content, paid targeting, search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

Digital marketing specialists are typically generalists and are sometimes supported by a wider digital marketing team that have specialist knowledge in specific digital acquisition channels. The internet is constantly evolving so hiring a specialist is essential to ensure growth online.



admin 24th June 2021
Instagram for Business: 5 Tips to Grow Your Audience

Instagram for Business: 5 Tips to Grow Your Audience

How To Boost Your Instagram Organic Reach: 5 Powerful Ways Instagram has become more than just a social network platform – it has now transformed into a playing…

Team CEEK 27th April 2021
Shopify announces new partnership in the Cryptocurrency and Social Media space

Shopify announces new partnership in the Cryptocurrency and Social Media space

Pinterest is continuing its efforts to inflate its ecommerce potential by making the platform a place for individuals and businesses to create shoppable experiences…