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Pinterest Creators Festival, Google Improve YouTube Stories

Pinterest Announces Pinterest Creators Festival to Provide Insights into Building Your Pin Presence

Pinterest has announced a new ‘Pinterest Creators Festival’ event, which will feature a range of expert speakers who will provide advice and tips on how to build an effective Pin presence.

As explained further by Pinterest:

“Every month, over 400M people come to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. That’s where creators like you come in. The content you share gets saved, tried and remixed by people searching for it. That’s the magic of Pinterest. So let’s get down to building – together. We’re hosting an event focused on growing online communities, telling captivating stories and turning ideas into businesses.”

The Pinterest Creator Festival will feature both internal experts and experienced Pinterest marketers.

In addition to the event, Pinterest has also launched a new “Make the World Make” initiative, which aims to both highlight top creators and encourage community participation, in order to fill the internet “with as many courageous, thrilling and immediate ideas as we can.”

We hope that everyone who sees this new work, tries a new Story Pin, or joins our festival, will carpe this diem. And every diem after this. Because there’s a huge audience out there, looking for compelling ideas—for what to make for dinner, or to make a plan, or to make their life better—and they could find yours. You just have to make it.”

If you are a marketer looking for ways to get a better understanding of what makes Pinterest tick, it’s worth considering as this could be helpful to you and your clients.


Google Launches New Speech Enhancement Tech to Clarify Audio Within YouTube Stories

Google launched a new speech enhancement option within YouTube Stories which will enable users to reduce background noise in their video clips, and put more emphasis on the main subject. As you can see (or hear) in this video, the new option, which users can apply in their upload settings, reduces background sound, improving the main presentation and clarifying speech.

The technology is part of Google’s ongoing work on speech-to-text translation, utilizing machine learning technology to isolate the speech of a video’s subject. 

As explained by Google:

“By training the model on a large-scale collection of online videos, we are able to capture correlations between speech and visual signals, such as mouth movements and facial expressions, which can then be used to separate the speech of one person in a video from another, or to separate speech from background sounds. This technology not only achieves state-of-the-art results in speech separation and enhancement (a noticeable 1.5dB improvement over audio-only models), but in particular, can improve the results over audio-only processing when there are multiple people speaking, as the visual cues in the video help determine who is saying what.”

To apply the new option, YouTube creators who are eligible for YouTube Stories can record a video, and then select the “Enhance speech” option from the volume controls editing tool. This is currently only available for IOS users

Not everyone has access to YouTube Stories creation as yet. YouTube Stories is only available to channels with over 10,000 subscribers, it will be  interesting to see if Google chooses to   make its background audio reduction tools available in more places in future.

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