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Shopify announces new partnership in the Cryptocurrency and Social Media space

Pinterest is continuing its efforts to inflate its ecommerce potential by making the platform a place for individuals and businesses to create shoppable experiences with ease. 


Pinterest & Shopify Partnership

Heightening these growing efforts, Pinterest has now announced a strengthened partnership with Shopify to 27 new regions, making it easy for merchants to connect their products to Pinterest and market to the platforms 459 million users globally.
There are various supportive features included on the Pinterest app on Shopify such as tag installation, automatic inventory updates and an ads-buying interface. This allows an automated connection between a merchant store and Pinterest, preventing the merchant from having to add any further resources, a smooth process with no added work- well done Pinterest!
What makes this latest push even better is that it’s completely free to Shopify merchants! They now have access to distribution, reporting and results tracking across Pinterest at no additional cost whatsoever.

crypto-currencyShopify continuing its cryptocurrency journey

Shopify introduced earlier this year that it’s merchants had access to CoinPayments, a digital asset payment processing platform allowing sellers to accept 1800 different cryptocurrencies as payment, confirmed by a statement on May 20. Shopify had previously experimented with payment compatibility prior to this strategic partnership via BitPay, GoCain and Coinbase Commerce with CoinPayments being a cryptocurrency payments processor with the largest global reach.

Are we looking at the future of online payments?

Adding to this great news for both Shopify and Pinterest, Crypto payment gateway solution, NowPayments, have recently announced the unveiling of a new plugin granting Shopify merchants access to Cardano. Cardano is a public blockchain platform giving access to those within the innovative space to bring about global change through technical advances. It aims to provide unmatched security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems, and societies. 

Cardano has seen continuous adoption with companies recognising the need to grow and expand their payment methods. The support of both Shopify and Woocommerce for $ADA payments is a tremendous step forward in the world of ecommerce and digital payments, hopefully we’ll see many more ecommerce companies follow their footsteps in the near future!


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