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Pakistan Bans TikTok, How To Improve Your SEO

Pakistan Bans TikTok Due to 'Immoral and Indecent' Content

Pakistan have announced that they are moving towards a ban for the popular app. However, it is not under the same reasons as the US ban that almost took place.

As reported by TechCrunch, Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority posted this notice earlier today:

“In view of [a] number of complaints from different segments of the society against immoral/indecent content on the video sharing application TikTok, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued instructions for blocking of the application.”

Pakistan neighbours India, which banned TikTok back in June due to ongoing border conflicts with China. At that time, TikTok had become a huge hit among their India based users, with around 200 million actives, making it TikTok’s biggest single market. TikTok has been on the rise in Pakistan too, though Pakistan’s active audience is much smaller, with only around 35% of the nation’s 212 million citizens able to access the internet.

Due to the smaller market it won’t be a significant blow to TikTok’s global numbers. But still, it’s another concern for the controversial app. 

Various questions have been raised about TikTok’s potential to expose its younger audience, to innapropriate content. The app was temporarily banned in India early last year due to concerns over “pornographic and inappropriate” videos, which eventually led to TikTok removing more than 6 million clips, then implementing new measures to enable its reinstatement in the nation. 

Given the factors, Pakistan’s decision to ban the app is not a major surprise to us. However it is another mark against the app’s name, which further taints the brand, and could eventually lead to a bigger push for more action against the app in other regions.

As we can tell TikTok isn’t losing a massive chunk of its audience with the Pakistan ban, the expanded implications may be significant, and will further add to opposition against the app. It will be interesting to see which countries follow or if any will.

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