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TikTok’s New Partnership and LinkedIn’s Audience Network

TikTok Announces New Partnership with OpenSlate to Ensure Brand Safety in Ad Placement

TikTok has announced their new partnership with the brand safety platform OpenSlate to ensure ads and branded content are not displayed alongside questionable material on the now controversial platform. 

As explained by TikTok:

“With the introduction of the TikTok Brand Safety Solution, verified by OpenSlate, we apply a high level of safety to verify and filter a variety of content and categories that appears next to branded ads and content. This partnership empowers brands to know and track where their ads are running through pre-campaign solutions as well as with post-campaign analytics.”

The process will allow brand advertisers to select where exactly their ads are running on TikTok, this can avoid potential concerns based on the content displayed.  TikTok has faced a range of issues with its moderation and content policies, as well as the processes it has in place to protect users from exploitation and bullying. 

The app has been banned in India, Indonesia and now Pakistan, at different times, due to content concerns, while it’s also been hit with significant fines over its failure to protect the data of younger users. Given the current issues involving this,  it makes sense that some brands have been hesitant to go all-in on TikTok ads, but the new partnership with OpenSlate will provide an extra level of assurance, and oversight, to help avoid any unwanted association through ad placements.

“We’re continuously scaling and evolving our advertising solutions to meet the important needs of our brand partners. Our partnership with OpenSlate provides brands with the confidence and transparency to know that their ads are always delivered alongside brand safe content and that risks are mitigated.” 

The new partnership with OpenSlate will provide more control for advertisers to manage their placements of their ads.  Will we see an increase in ads on the platform? Only time will tell.

An Overview of LinkedIn's Audience Network

LinkedIn’s Audience Network enables advertisers to extend and boost their campaigns beyond LinkedIn itself, and share their promotions across the platform’s network of publishing partners, which entails ‘thousands of premium partner apps and websites where LinkedIn members spend most of their time.

That can be an easy way to maximize your ad reach, and LinkedIn offers a range of targeting options and controls to ensure you maximize your Audience Network campaigns by connecting with the people you need to reach.

In fact, LinkedIn says that Audience Network-enabled campaigns see up to 25% more reach, and boost performance.

Who can you reach via LinkedIn’s Audience Network affiliates? In this new infographic LinkedIn provides some insights into its Audience Network, and the benefits of expanding your campaigns.


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