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TikTok Allow Merchandise Sales, Google Adds New Ad Tools

TikTok and Teespring Partner on New Integration to Enable Creators to Sell Merch On-Platform

TikTok has announced their new collaboration with Teespring. This will allow TikTok creators to sell merchandise that they’ve designed directly to their followers in the app. Essentially they will now have the option to sell their own merch via the platform.

As reported by The Verge:

“Thousands of TikTok creators have already partnered with Teespring to start creating merchandise they can sell to their followers. The integration will allow “creators to create their own products on Teespring, push it directly to TikTok, and then have fans be able to buy products directly through TikTok.” 

There are about 7,000 TikTok creators in total that will be part of this initial program which will provide them another way to generate income from the app. TikTok is still discussing how the products would be displayed on the app, but eventually there will be a direct buying option on the platform.

Whilst TikTok has launched a $200 million creator fund to pay the top creators, it will need to continue to find more revenue streams. It is important for TikTok to further innovate and expand their platform to avoid being in a similar situation as the older video app Vine, that eventually stopped innovating and failed to capitalise on user trends which resulted in the app discontinuing.


Google Adds New Ad Tools for Retailers Ahead of the Holiday Push

With Christmas only a few months away, and the Covid-19 restrictions slowly easing off, these new additions by Google aim to help retailers make the most of their connection opportunities. The new targeting feature will give businesses multiple ways to connect with their searchers. Until recently, advertisers have only been able to optimise for store visits via local campaign promotions.

Google noted that:

“Now it’s easier for major retailers and chains to set up location extensions by selecting their store locations from a curated list from Google. In just a few clicks, choose the chain you want to promote to quickly create a location extension. We’ll review to make sure the chain is a good match for your business using signals like its website domain and country.”

In addition to this, Google’s also expanding its sales filters for the upcoming Black Friday sales on Google Shopping. Promotions in Google Shopping will be made easier for users to navigate. Whilst people search online before taking a trip into stores, in order to plan out trips ahead of time, and minimise potential exposure, tools like these can aid retailers to better align with current trends, and maximise their opportunities via localised promotions.

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