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TikTok Sell-Off Delayed, LinkedIn Adds New Tools

TikTok Sell-Off Delayed Due to Newly Imposed Restrictions on the Export of Chinese Tech Advancements

As September 15th draws closer, reports are arising that TikTok owner, Byte Dance, has decided on a winning bid. However, with the new imposed rules from the Chinese Government, complications are arising. The exporting of technological advancements such as digital algorithms have put the process to a halt.

The new bidders are now looking at more options to work around these new rules.

Discussions surrounding the purchase of TikTok assets without its algorithm, establishing a transitional period which would allow the winning bidder to use TikTok algorithms for up to a year, seeking permission from China to allow the full sale including algorithms to a US company and finally the possible bidder licensing TikTok algorithm from Byte Dance are coming into play.

For the meantime we are waiting on the next development which is dependent on whether the Chinese government will allow the purchase of TikTok. If the algorithm is included in the purchase, it is likely that we will see TikTok move forward very soon, however, it is uncertain as to what could happen if not. We hope to see a clear direction of where TikTok is heading by next week!

LinkedIn Adds New Staff Connection Tools Via Company Pages, New Follower Analytics Options

LinkedIn is adding a new communications channel feature for all companies and employees via your company page. The main feature is the new “My Company” tab which will be on your companies page. LinkedIn has also introduced the “Your Employee Only Experience” on this space which provides the employees with a place to share internal news, celebrate staff and company milestones. 

With people still working remotely due to the recent Covid-19 lockdown, this is a great way to keep team members updated. Along with this, they are adding a new ‘Events Tab’ to the company page which will allow you to post past and upcoming events that you may be hosting.

Lastly, they are adding new insights to your company page followers which will tell you how exactly they found your company page and when they started following you. Until now, company page admins have only been able to view the amount of followers they have and the demographic of each.


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