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Snapchat Adds Song Clips, LinkedIn Stories to Promote Businesses

Snapchat Adds 'Sounds' Option to Include Song Clips within Snaps

Snapchat has announced a full launch of its new ‘Sounds’ functionality, which enables users to add song clips into their Snaps! Similar to Instagram this is an exciting new feature.

As explained by Variety:

“With Sounds on Snapchat, users of the iOS app worldwide can add music to their Snaps (pre- or post-capture) from a curated catalog of music. Snapchatters can add music before recording video by selecting the Sounds tool (with the music notes icon) on the right-hand side of the Camera screen and choosing a track from the Featured Sounds list. Alternately, they can select a track from the Sounds tool after taking a Snap.”

Snapchat launched an initial test of the TikTok-esque feature in Australia and New Zealand previously and now, it’s getting a proper launch.

The option is a result of Snap’s negotiations with music publishers over the last year on new deals to allow for music sharing within Snapchat snaps. In order for Snapchat to celebrate the broader rollout, Snapchat’s also premiering an exclusive clip of the latest song from Justin Bieber, which will in no doubt boost the hype around this new tool.

It will be interesting to see whether Snapchat’s Discover feed starts to resemble TikTok as a result, with trending song memes and dances flowing into the app. It is likely, as marketers, that we are going to see a huge shift in the app.

‘Sounds’ is available in Snapchat on iOS from today, tap on the music note in your composer to get started.

How to Use LinkedIn Stories to Promote Your Business

We’ve all heard about Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram stories but have you tried LinkedIn Stories yet?

After testing the option in some regions earlier in the year, LinkedIn made its Stories option accessible to all LinkedIn users recently, providing another way to connect with your LinkedIn audience and share relevant updates.

Stories have already become a key consideration on both Instagram and Facebook, and many now people prefer Stories over regular feed posts – which means that LinkedIn Stories could be a great way to maximize your engagement. 

How can users use Stories in their LinkedIn content approach?

The team from Socialinsider recently put together a new guide to creating Stories on all platforms, while they’ve also worked with easel.ly to create this overview of ideas for your LinkedIn Stories approach. Check out the infographic below to find out how you can incorporate it into your feed!


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