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Peter Street Kitchen

  • Client: Radisson Edwardian

  • Location: Manchester, UK

  • Client Type: Launch Campaign


Best Restaurant in Manchester


The strategy, planning & launch of Peter Street Kitchen in Manchester in the United Kingdom. CEEK delivered an innovative & explosive launch of the restaurants online channels whilst orchestrating an unprecedented Influencer Marketing campaign.

Working closely with Radisson Edwardian Service Excellence, the CEEK team developed the strategy & executed a highly engaging Social Media teaser campaign alongside an explosive coordinated Influencer Marketing launch event & Social Media growth campaign.

Precise timing between Social Media releases, Influencer interactions & Social PR initiatives resulted in record community growth, future bookings & revenue across 20+ existing venues in the group.

An unprecedented Influencer Marketing campaign in the hospitality across the UK which resulted in over 3500 followers across digital channels within 24 hours of Peter Street Kitchen’s doors being open to the public. Utilising macro & micro influencers for a pre-launch releases, a launch event with millions of people reached & a post launch Social PR campaign resulting in thousands of bookings throughout the remainder of the year.

Due to Peter Street Kitchen being a new establishment it was a fresh slate for the establishment of all social media channels. Posting on the accounts began before the official launch of the restaurant which was used to build up a presence and ‘hype’. It was decided that the main feed of the Instagram had to remain highly curated using professional photography which represented the high quality of the restaurant interiors and menu.

The second stage of social media marketing for the launch revolved around the two different launch parties which highlighted a different aspect of Japanese and Mexican cuisine present on the menu. The influx of posts across all social media channels with mentions of Peter Street Kitchen were abundant which had to be monitored and curated so only those posts which fit the brand were visable on the main channels.

CEEK’s paid targeting team implmented campaigns across both social media and google ad words for this launch. Social media ads were used to promote various Instagram posts to attain maximum exposure accross this channel leading up to the launch to let people in Manchester know about the restaurant even without the ability to dine there.

Google pay per click and call ads were used following the launch to drive bookings to the restaurant with a cost per acquisition goal being below the cost per covered charged by 3rd party booking sites. These ads yeilded successful ROI driven results.

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