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Instagram ‘Suggested Reels’, and the Social Media Landscape in 2020

Instagram Adds 'Suggested Reels' Display in Main Feed and ‘Recommend As Featured’

After adding Reels to the main screen for users in India last week, Instagram is experimenting with boosting the exposure of Reels. Instagram has started to add “Suggested Reels” to users’ feeds which can enhance the reach of Instagram Reels and help Reel creators gain exposure.

It seems for the moment that a lot of the Reels content is re-uploaded TikTok content which can result in indirect advertisement for TikTok. Instagram are working on a “Recommend As Featured` option for Reels which seems to be similar to TikTok ‘For You Page’ in an attempt to get featured on people’s feed. In fact, TikTok have explained that these specific hashtags won’t improve your exposure.

As explained by TikTok:

Hashtags like #FYP, #ForYou, and #ForYouPage works just like all other hashtags on TikTok, so adding these to your caption won’t necessarily improve your chances of getting on someone’s For You feed. Instead, we recommend using the space in your caption to add context to your video along with hashtags that are relevant to your content.”

So is Instagram replicating the wrong feature? Should they focus on something else?

With the uncertainty of TikTok’s future, creators will be looking to branch out to other platforms, which some already have. So will Reels become the replacement? Only time will tell.


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