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Google Improves Image Search, and 15 Digital Tools to Improve Your Online Presence

Google Adds New Labels to Images to Make it Easier to Find Visuals You Can Legally Use

Images on Google search will now be labelled as ‘licensable’, allowing users to find visuals that they can legally re-use with permission. 

As explained by Google:

“For results where the publisher or image creator provided licensing information, we will display a “licensable” badge over the image. When you select a badged image to view, we will show a link to the license details of the image, and if provided by the publisher, you’ll also find a link to where you can purchase or license the image.”

This is an upgrade from the current Google Image ‘Usage Rights’ filters, which enables you to find images that has been ‘Labelled for reuse with modification’, ‘Labelled for re-use’ and ‘Labelled for non-commercial’ usage’. The problem with the current approach is that Google can not show the images listed under its ‘re-use’ filters that are free to use. Users are still expected to do further research into finding the individual licensing requirements to enable them to use the images. This new update is a more advanced approach to the issue. Google is collaborating with a selection of image creators and stock image providers to display new listings that can be used by users. To ensure this update is seamless, Google is changing its listing filters so you can narrow down your searches to the ones that are licensed and unlicensed.

15 Digital Marketing Tools to Improve Your Online Presence in 2020

Google Keyword Planner – Every digital marketing strategy needs the right keywords. Google Keyword Planner allows you to plan all the important keywords that you can use for your content.

BannerSnack – BannerSnack is a great way to design and enhance your digital ads.

HubSpot – HubSpot is essentially a hub filled with all your marketing needs. Perfect for  marketing, sales and customer service.

Active Campaign – A useful tool to manage your email marketing and it is perfect for beginners as it is easy to comprehend.

Serpstat – This is the ultimate all-in-one SEO platform.

Buzzsumo – Running out of content? This is the ideal tool for discovering different topics and trends that are trending right now on different social media platforms.

Many Chat – Many Chat allows you to create messenger bots that can be used for all your marketing and sales needs.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics provides you with insights for you to understand your site better by checking the performance of your marketing.

Sprout Social – Fully understand and reach your target audience with Sprout Social, allowing you to measure your performance and engage with your audience.

Feedly – Feedly allows you to access blog posts and content from other sites. It organises all your trusted blogs in one place with the help of Leo, the AI assistant.

Pingdom – Pingdom allows you to monitor your website speed.

Survey Anyplace – This platform allows you to create interactive surveys to ask any questions to your customers to gain further insights from.

Buffer – Buffer is a great way to manage your posts on your social media platforms and track your engagement.

Bitly – Bitly allows you to shorten your links to help you build recognisable links.


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