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Benefits of Social Media and Facebook Adds New Tools for Coming Out Day 2020

Top 7 Benefits of Social Media

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Facebook Adds New Tools and Guides for Coming Out Day 2020

In the celebration of Coming Out Day which celebrates the LGBTQ community. In honour of the event, Facebook has announced a range of new features and presentations which will enable people to learn more, and participate via their Facebook and Instagram presence.

First off, Facebook’s adding some new guides on Instagram to assist people who may be looking to come out to family and friends.

As explained by Facebook:

“We partnered with PFLAG, It Gets Better Project and The Tegan and Sara Foundation to create new Instagram Guides offering tips on topics such as safety and support for those going through their coming out journey, as well as for their friends and family.”

In addition to this, Facebook’s adding a new, animated Coming Out Day Facebook logo, which, when tapped, will link users through to a feed of content using the #ComingOut2020 hashtag. It’s also adding new stickers, both for Stories and regular Facebook posts.

Facebook are going to show case personal stories of people who have come out. 

“We’ll share a series of stories about coming out in unique environments and situations. From remote locations to cultural insularity to personal struggles, we’ll follow the stories of four people and how they found connections, positivity and even celebration in unexpected places.”

The goal is to support and guide those who may be dealing with their own struggles and trying to understand, and deal with, their personal situations. By giving a large-scale platform to such concerns, it could help to reduce some of the stigma surrounding the topic, and make others feel more comfortable to come out to the people around them.

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