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ASOS has just joined the many companies experimenting with Augmented Reality by launching a “Virtual Catwalk” feature on their app. This feature marks ASOS’s first dip into the AR world and aims to offer customers a chance to view products in “real life” and in a natural setting.

The feature has been developed by AR firm HoloME and is credited for being easy to use. Simply open the ASOS app, click on one of the “new in ASOS designs”, point your phone camera at any empty space and click the “virtual catwalk button”. You will be able to view models as if they are in the same room as you. This feature has appeared all over Social Media upon release the topic of conversation and many videos.

Asos Augmented Reality Feature

Although this feature may seem minor, it is part of ASOS’s long term plan to make online shopping a more intimate experience. In March 2018 ASOS announced their plans to trial other AR features including a tool allowing customers to view clothing on different body shapes so customers can get a sense of how these items will look on their own body.

We gave the new feature a try in the CEEK office this afternoon, and we were impressed with how realistic the AR looks!

So what do you think? Is AR the future for online shopping and ecommerce marketing? And do you think this will improve your online shopping experience?